Heavy-duty dishwashers

Modern heavy-duty dishwashers demand a series of time-consuming steps, even with a machine at hand. Together they add up to a more complicated ware washing process including a higher risk of cross-contamination.

Granuldisk heavy-duty dishwashers are based on an innovative technology, which relocates all of the steps in washing into the machine and transforms your ware washing area into a safer and more profitable operation.


Granule Maxi Pro

Granule Maxi Pro is a front-loaded granule ware washer that suits operations ranging from 800 up to 4000 meals per day, and is available in three different editions: Compact, Flow, and FreeFlow. Ea...

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Granule Smart

Granule Smart is a front-loaded granule ware washer that suits operations ranging from 500 to 1,500 meals per day. It's a high-performer for its size and fits in less than 1 sqm. Available in four ...

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Granule Smart+

Granule Smart+ is a front-loading model that fits operations ranging from 200 to 1,800 meals per day (depending on if used as all-in-one dish and pot washer (200 meals) or dedicated pot washer (180...

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Granule Flexi

Granule Flexi is a front-loaded granule ware washer that fits operations ranging between 300 and 600 meals per day and is available in two different editions. Each edition comes with carefully sele...

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Granule Gastro

Granule Gastro is a high-performing pass-through granule ware washer that suits GN-based operations ranging from 500 to 1,500 meals per day. Comes with a careful selection of standard accessories a...

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Granule Combi

Granule Combi is a commercial passthrough dishwasher that fits kitchens preparing and serving from 200 to 1,800 meals per day (depending on if used as all-in-one dish and pot washer (200 meals) or ...

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Powerful heavy-duty dishwashers for commercial kitchens

Granuldisk offers a wide range of heavy-duty dishwashers, designed to wash up to 8 GN 1/1 or various pots, pans, and utensils in minutes. The range offers both front-loaded and pass-through models, designed to fit different types and sizes of kitchens. Granuldisk ware washers incorporate either the innovative granule technology or high-pressure water technology. Both will help you minimize pre-washing, pre-soaking, and scrubbing while providing you with excellent sanitizing results.

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Streamline the dishwashing process with a heavy-duty dishwasher

The dishwashing process is most likely one of your last priorities, but probably also one of your biggest problems. By relying on our heavy-duty dishwashers you can streamline your back-of-house operations and abolish high-demanding tasks, such as pre-washing and soaking. This makes you less dependent on people to get the job done and can enjoy a more sustainable solution and increased productivity.

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Heavy-duty dishwashers for sustainable kitchens

Our mission is to contribute to making your business greener and kinder to the environment. Our heavy-duty dishwashers will bring noticeable benefits to your operation while protecting the environment and saving precious water. For every heavy-duty dishwasher, we have calculated that up to 500,000 liters of water could be saved on an annual basis. 

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Heavy duty-dishwashers eases work life at Leighton Park School

Chef Albanese decided to invest in a heavy-duty dishwasher from Granuldisk for Leighton Park School and since then, things have been running more smoothly in the operation. Albanese and the team now save valuable time and money by handling their tray washing more efficiently, wasting less natural resources, and spending fewer hours in the washroom. Hear him tell his story in this short video!

Girl caring pots and utensils to the ware washing

Customer stories

Switching to a Granuldisk heavy-duty dishwasher comes with a great number of substantial benefits connected to sustainability, staff retention, and profitability. Here are some of our documented customer stories moving from a traditional dishwasher to a heavy-duty dishwasher using technology from Granuldisk.

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Find out what you could save!

Tell us about your current setup, and find out what you could save with a commercial dishwasher from Nor:disk!

1. Number of hot meals prepared per day

2. Number of operational days per year

3. How do you wash your pots and pans today?

By switching to a Nor:disk solution you could

Reduce your consumption of water, energy, and chemicals by up to:

... and spend less time pot washing, with an expected annual time-saving of:

Looks promising! Contact us for a more detailed evaluation of your potential savings, based on your unique parameters.

Calculations are based on consumption measurements made on pot washing in sinks, and an average calculated from various water-based pot washing brands. These figures should only be considered as indications on potential savings.

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Want to experience a Granuldisk heavy-duty dishwasher live?

At Granuldisk, we’re proud of the performance of our machines. We want you to be able to experience it first-hand and see all the benefits that our heavy-duty dishwashers provide. During a live wash demo, we will walk you through our technology, and what it can do for you.

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At Granuldisk we offer a wide range of powerful commercial dishwashers. Whether you might call them pot washers, tray washers, or utensil washers or are on the hunt for passthrough dishwashers, hood-type dishwashers, or even a heavy duty dishwasher chances are, we have something for you. Browse our different products to find a perfect fit for your commercial kitchen, or contact us to book a demo to learn more !

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