About Nor:disk

Since 1987, Nor:disk has provided the finest in warewashing technology to commercial kitchens worldwide. Our patented Granule Technology™ cleans kitchenware faster with fewer resources such as water, detergent, and energy. Since 2023, we also offer a new innovative range of dishwashers without granules - Water-Smart Technology™, designed to be easy to use while delivering hygienic and sparkling clean results, all with minimal consumption of valuable resources. Our dishwashing solutions are continually evolving to meet the needs of tomorrow - always with a focus on hygiene, sustainability, and innovation. That's what we call Pure Performance.


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Working sustainably

We run our company from an economic, environmental, and socially sustainable perspective, which means that we continuously work to reduce our environmental impact throughout the value chain. By mapping our carbon and water footprint, we can continue to work actively to reduce our environmental impact. Our ambition is to contribute to all SDGs in all our activities but focus on those most relevant for our business and where we can contribute the most.

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A Great Place To Work®

We believe that building a successful company is about maximizing the potential of its most valuable assets: the people working there. This is why our initiative linked to A Great Place To Work felt like a natural next step, and we’ve been certified twice since 2020. GPTW is a tool that has made us better equipped to work with employee feedback, uncover actionable insights in a more structured way, and build and develop our amazing company culture even further.

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Made in Sweden

Safe. Qualitative. Innovative. Sustainable. These qualities are often associated with Sweden, and also values that we as a Swedish company infuse into everything we do. Nor:disk products are made in Sweden, based on Swedish engineering, and assembled in our very own factory in southern Sweden. This helps us stay on top of quality and enable us to ensure that our products are produced under excellent working conditions, and with respect to the environment.

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With innovation in our veins

Innovation has always been at the very core of what we do and ever since revolutionizing ware washing with Granule Technology™ in the 1980’s, our inhouse R&D and laboratory team have brought us numerous innovations: the worlds’ first granule pot washer/dishwasher and the biobased and biodegradable PowerGranules BIO, to name a few. No matter what our next innovation will be, it will be a product with the highest respect for people, planet, and productivity - never sacrificing one for the other.

Nor:disk - Code of Conduct

For us at Nor:disk it's important to acknowledge the ethical, social, and environmental conditions under which our products are produced and sold. This Code of Conduct is an agreement between our owner, Sandberg Development AB, Granuldisk, and our partners. The agreement contains demands regarding child labor, forced labor, working conditions, working environment, health & safety, and environmental conditions.

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