Hood-type dishwashers

Although modern hood-type dishwashers are the most common dishwashers on the market and allow the dishwashing to be carried out from a comfortable working height, they leave us wanting more in terms of efficiency.

Granuldisk hood-type dishwashers takes it to the next level, by relying on modern technology to efficiently clean dirty dishes as well as pots and pans, while minimizing the pre-soaking and scrubbing tasks to let you profit from higher productivity throughout your commercial kitchen.


Granule Combi

Granule Combi is a commercial passthrough dishwasher that fits kitchens preparing and serving from 200 to 1,800 meals per day (depending on if used as all-in-one dish and pot washer (200 meals) or ...

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X2 Master

X2 Master differs from the Nor:disk Granule range, as it operates on water only. X2 fits kitchens preparing up to 250 meals per serving and will wash all your dirty dishes from prep, cook, and serv...

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Granule Gastro

Granule Gastro is a high-performing pass-through granule ware washer that suits GN-based operations ranging from 500 to 1,500 meals per day. Comes with a careful selection of standard accessories a...

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Kitchen staff taking care of the ware washing in a Granuldisk Combi

Powerful hood-type dishwashers for commercial kitchens

Granuldisk offers three powerful hood-type dishwashers which are suitable for small to medium-sized commercial kitchens. Their dual wash systems makes them the perfect kitchen helper and apart from washing your plates, cutlery and glasses, they will also take care of your pot washing needs. Wash up to 147 GN 1/1 or 33 crockey baskets per hour!

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Streamline the dishwashing process with a hood-type dishwasher

Granuldisk hood-type dishwashers will speed up and streamline your dishwashing process, with inlet and outlet tables creating a natural separation of clean and dirty areas. The setup creates a natural flow, and offers a more ergonomic work area with less heavy lifting thanks to the pass-through design, and less repetitive tasks thanks to the automated hoods. In the long-term, this will result in less ergonomic injuries, happier staff, and higher staff retention.

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Our hood-type dishwashers are kind to the environment

By choosing Granuldisk hood-type dishwashers for your wash room, you will use precious natural resources like water and energy more responsibly and be kinder to the environment. Our calculations show that every Granuldisk hood-type dishwasher to replace a traditional water-based solution could help save up to 350,000 liters of water on an annual basis. This is our contribution to making your business greener, and lessen your impact on the environment.

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Granule Combi

The unique Granule Combi model offers the best in performance and flexibility for pass-through dishwashers. The Combi combines the award-winning efficient Granule Technology for pots, pans, and utensils with traditional dishwashing techniques for plates, cutlery, and most types of crockery. Use as a 3-in-1 solution, alternating pots, and crockery in smaller operations, or as a powerful pot washing solution with crockery support feature in medium kitchens.

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Customer stories

Switching to a Granuldisk hood-type dishwasher comes with a great number of substantial benefits connected to sustainability, staff retention and profitability. Here are some of our documented customer stories moving from traditional dishwasher to a hood-type dishwasher using technology from Granuldisk.

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Find out what you could save!

Tell us about your current setup, and find out what you could save with a commercial dishwasher from Nor:disk!

1. Number of hot meals prepared per day

2. Number of operational days per year

3. How do you wash your pots and pans today?

By switching to a Nor:disk solution you could

Reduce your consumption of water, energy, and chemicals by up to:

... and spend less time pot washing, with an expected annual time-saving of:

Looks promising! Contact us for a more detailed evaluation of your potential savings, based on your unique parameters.

Calculations are based on consumption measurements made on pot washing in sinks, and an average calculated from various water-based pot washing brands. These figures should only be considered as indications on potential savings.

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Experience our hood-type dishwashers live?

At Granuldisk, we’re proud of the performance of our machines. We want you to be able to experience it first-hand and see all the benefits that our hood-type dishwashers provide. During a live wash, we will walk you through our technology, and what it can do for you.

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At Granuldisk we offer a wide range of powerful commercial dishwashers. Whether you might call them pot washers, tray washers, or utensil washers or are on the hunt for passthrough dishwashers, hood-type dishwashers, or even a heavy duty dishwasher chances are, we have something for you. Browse our different products to find a perfect fit for your commercial kitchen, or contact us to book a demo to learn more !