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How we work with sustainability

Our vision is to save our planet, one drop at a time, by providing the highest performing and most sustainable ware washing solution for commercial kitchens.

To fulfill that vision and work strategically, we have developed a sustainability strategy close to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in support of Agenda 2030.

Our main objectives can be concluded in three prioritized actions: making a shift from regular plastics to biodegradable materials, minimizing the amount of stainless steel and welded components in our products, and lowering our products’ water consumption throughout the value chain.


SDG - the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our ambition is to contribute to all SDGs in all our activities but focus on those most relevant for our business and where we can contribute the most. For Nor:disk, this means focusing on goals 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, 14, and 17.

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Goal 5 - Gender equality

We believe that gender equality and diversity in the organization increase innovation and employee engagement, which promotes our development and learning and in the greater perspective contributes to a more gender-equal industry.

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Goal 6 - Clean water and sanitation

Nor:disk technology is based on minimizing water and chemical consumption and chemical handling. As we are facing a water crisis where a large proportion of the world’s population lacks access to clean water, it is important to minimize the use of clean water for sustainable development.

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Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

Nor:disk works to achieve economic productivity through our core values of innovation, long-term perspective, and transparency. We work with the entire value chain to ensure that human and labor rights are protected and regulate this through our group Code of Conduct.

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Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Nor:disk works to achieve more sustainable consumption and production, which is anchored in our environmental sustainability goals and corresponds with international norms, standards, and certifications such as ISO 14001. Nor:disk addresses defined goals and indicators related to CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, Ecodesign, waste handling, and recycling.

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Goal 13 - Climate action

Our business consumes energy that causes greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce our impact, we use renewable energy sources for our plant and premises. Another important part is mapping our product’s impact through life cycle analysis. It’s important for Nor:disk to take measures that lead to reduced climate change. Nor:disk addresses defined goals and indicators related to CO2 emissions.

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Goal 14 - Life below water

Nor:disk works to prevent and reduce pollution in the marine environment. Several projects are under way at Nor:disk to conserve marine resources and achieve sustainable development.

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Goal 17 - Partnerships for the goals

Nor:disk works closely with our suppliers, service companies, and dealers. In order to promote sustainable development, we believe that partnerships in all parts of the business are important, both with private and public actors.

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Our value chain

To achieve our goals, we work actively throughout our value chain - from raw material to the end-of-life of the product - as the entire chain has an impact on the environment. Our ambition is to leave as few traces behind us as possible.

We work in three different scopes, where we look at what we ourselves emit and affect, what the product's impact is during its lifetime, and how our suppliers work to reduce the environmental impact before the raw material reaches us.

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GHG Protocol

Nor:disk started to calculate the carbon footprint in 2018 and it has been calculated according to the principles of the Greenhouse Protocol. The data has been gathered from Nor:disk´s (our) business, logistic and procurement, a survey for questioning on commuting and on technical specifications for the products. Some assumptions have been estimated. Measures to reduce emissions are developed and followed up annually.

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Creating Shared Value

Creating Shared Value is fundamental to how we do business at Nor:disk and we believe that our company can only be successful if it creates value both for our shareholders and for society. Our activities and products should make a positive difference for society while also contributing to the success of Nor:disk.

Value (relation)
We offer a lifetime commitment to our installed base. Our installed base is designed to have a positive impact on the environment, by saving water, energy, and chemicals.

Responsibility (management and ambition)
We save our planet, one drop at a time, by providing the highest performing and most sustainable ware washing solution for commercial kitchens.

Compliance (risk and legitimacy)
The quality and environmental performance of our operations are managed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.