A truly sustainable solution

Finding an alternative to the reckless waste of water, energy, and chemicals within the ware washing business is one of the core reasons for our existence - and we're determined to put a stop to it.

Join our tribe and help us turn ware washing worldwide more sustainable, and become more profitable in the process!

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One drop at the time

Water is a precious resource and growing scarcer by the minute, making it one of the most urgent issues on our modern-day global agenda. It demands action from us all – individuals, and corporations. By choosing Nor:disk, you can make a difference - in your kitchen, and for the planet. Every drop counts, but only big splashes are noticed that's why we decided to visualize the accumulated water savings of our collective customer base* on our start page, with hopes of inspiring change in many more.

* Granule Technology models

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Reduce water

Nor:disk solutions utilize technology to secure smart use of water and can lower the overall consumption of water in the ware washing operation by up to an average of 70%, compared to manual pot washing.

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Reduce energy

Smart use of hot water and utilizing efficient heat recovery systems means less energy needed for heating water and overall lower energy consumption.

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Reduce chemicals

The efficient cleaning force of our technologies replaces the need for harsh chemicals as cleaning agents. Only a tiny amount is still needed to efficiently remove grease and fat.

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Reduce time

Spend less time washing pots. Get more done in less time with hourly capacities ranging up to 192 GN 1/1. Use your time saved for more rewarding and revenue-generating tasks around your kitchen.

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We contribute to your goals

Our ware washing technologies have many advantages, but the one factor we are most proud of is the sustainable effect they have on our planet. As a company, we put a lot of effort and resources into also lessening our own impact - and since you are reading this, we suspect you are too. When buying a Nor:disk solution you reduce your footprint, and contribute in many ways according to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. One step closer to achieving your environmental goals.

Want to know more? >> How we work with sustainability
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    Nor:disk technologies helps you minimize your consumption of freshwater. At the same time, you minimize water pollution by using less chemicals.

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    The resource reduction our systems offer will contribute to more sustainable operations and responsible consumption.

    When buying a Nor:disk system you can rest assured that you're buying a product that supports responsible consumption.

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    Purchasing one of our solutions can be considered as a positive climate action and a clear contribution to goal 13. We continuously calculate the LCA of our products - beneficial in the calculation of your own impact.

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    With the stated resource savings of our technologies, purchasing our solutions helps ensure a better life below water. 

    Opt for PowerGranules BIO with your Granule Technology solution to minimize your environmental impact even further!

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    We join you and support you in our mutual ambitions to lower the environmental footprint linked to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.