How it works

Granule pot washing

The sustainability concept runs through every part of our business - from the recyclable materials that we use, to the reduced water and energy consumption our solutions and granule pot washing brings.

We work hard to ensure you can help protect the planet while cleaning your dishes.


Pure performance

We believe that pot washing shouldn’t be a dirty job. Pure performance means we strip away impurities wherever we find them – from the pots and also the process. It offers freedom from excess and waste, like pre-washing, harsh chemicals and residues, precious water and electricity. All you’re left with is the performance you need – cleaning that’s leaner, easier and healthier.

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7 steps condensed into one

With Granuldisk technology, you safely and quickly take care of all the steps of pot washing - prewashing, soaking, scrubbing, washing, rinsing, sanitizing, and drying - inside of the machine, in one single process. Tackle even the toughest cases of burnt-on or dried-in pans in only minutes, without necessary time-, and resource-consuming manual labor where the hygiene aspects are hard to secure.

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How it works

Cleaning your pots and pans with Granuldisk technology will strip away all unnecessary use of resources and manual steps that are normally needed for ware washing. All that's left is a lean and efficient process, free from excess and waste.

Find out what you could save!

Tell us about your current setup, and find out what you could save with a commercial dishwasher from Nor:disk!

1. Number of hot meals prepared per day

2. Number of operational days per year

3. How do you wash your pots and pans today?

By switching to a Nor:disk solution you could

Reduce your consumption of water, energy, and chemicals by up to:

... and spend less time pot washing, with an expected annual time-saving of:

Looks promising! Contact us for a more detailed evaluation of your potential savings, based on your unique parameters.

Calculations are based on consumption measurements made on pot washing in sinks, and an average calculated from various water-based pot washing brands. These figures should only be considered as indications on potential savings.

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Increase power = decreased time, labor, and resources

The mix of granules and high-powered water creates a cleaning force that is so intense it needs far less water, chemicals, and manual labor than is normally needed with traditional methods. By optimizing the wash and rinse water temperatures, volume, and rinse cycle duration we also manage to sanitize the wares for a perfectly hygienically safe wash result.


80,000 granule hits per second

During a granule wash cycle, granules hit the surface of the wash ware on average 80,000 times per second. The specially designed wash nozzles shape the water and granule mixture into powerful blades, that efficiently blast the pans clean from residue. A small amount of detergent takes care of fats and grease, while a temperature-controlled final rinse secures a hygienically clean wash result.

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Minimizing the risk of human errors

Thanks to canceling out the manual steps and concentrating the entire process to the machine, you take the human factor out of the equation and regain control of your consumption. No more over-dosing of detergent or taps left running endless hours. The entire process is stripped from excess and waste - all you’re left with is what we like to call ‘pure performance’.

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Fits in a smaller space

Free up space for better things! With pre-washing out of the picture, there is no need for rows and rows of bulky sinks. All you need is a scraping station, a bin, and 1-3 sqm floor space for where the pot washer goes (depending on model).

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