Guide: Energy saving hacks in ware washing

6 things to implement

Commercial kitchens are big consumers of energy and generate as much CO2 as 28 houses, according to The Caterer and the Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA). In a commercial kitchen, the ware washing area is often the most neglected area with a lot of manual processes, and as a result, you risk wasting large parts of your hard-earned revenue on unnecessary use of energy. 

In this guide, we'll show you how you can turn your ware washing area into a less energy-consuming part of your operation that sparks positive chain reactions throughout your whole operation.

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1. Stop washing like we're still in the dark ages

There are so many awesome energy-saving innovations out there that make all parts of our lives easier and more efficient, both in our private lives and at work. So how can it be that commercial kitchens are still washing their pots and pans manually? Soaking and scrubbing under running taps is wasting precious resources like water, chemicals, and energy - and if there's one thing that is often underestimated, it is the amount of energy used when heating the water that goes in the sinks.

Solution: Stop all manual processes and wash your pots and pans in innovative, energy-efficient ware washers. It will make life easier for your staff while also improving your bottom line. Simply a win-win situation. If you need help we're here to help you with our 35 years of experience in the ware washing area. 

2. Delay start-up and save kWh

Habits and routines are important in a commercial kitchen for the operation to run smoothly. A common habit is to start, fill, and heat ware washers at the beginning of the shift so they're up and running long before it is time for the first wash of the day. Easy for the operator of course but not ideal from an energy consumption perspective.

Solution: Implement a new routine where the machines are turned on just in time for the first wash cycle to be done. This is a pretty easy and free hack that shouldn't be too hard to implement in your daily routines.

Kitchen staff taking care of the ware washing in a Granuldisk Combi

3. An eco-friendlier routine to save energy cost

"We use the Eco program a lot" is a common thing our representatives hear when visiting our customers. Sometimes that is true, but we've also learned that management in many cases believes that their team uses Eco mode more often than they actually do.

Solution: Double-check the machine data to learn which cycles are being used and how often. Ask the supplier for help if needed, and why not request training on how to use the equipment more efficiently while you're at it? This way you will create a more eco-friendly routine for your team that will save cost. 

4. Use automated, connected and optimized equipment and systems

There is a lot of smart technology out there that can help you on your quest toward a more energy-efficient operation. Automating the ware washing processes, as mentioned in bullet 1, is one way that makes a big difference. But there are also other clever innovations that could help you on your way.

Solution: One example is EcoExchanger, an add-on for ware washers from Granuldisk. It combines steam reduction and heat recovery in one and improves the working environment, while also reducing the energy needed for heating of rinse tank. You could also connect the machine to an energy optimization system to control and minimize the overall peak load, and at the same time minimize disruptions. Your supplier should be able to guide you and present different alternatives when it comes to connected, optimized, and automated equipment. 

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5. Consider both the price tag, and the long-term energy costs

A low initial investment could end up being a very costly and energy-consuming decision. To make the right decision and prevent unnecessary consumption to eat away at your profit, you need to calculate the long-term running costs throughout the lifespan of your solution. 

Solution: By choosing a ware washer where pre-washing is either not needed, or could be kept to a minimum, you will save a lot of water, chemicals, and energy. Your supplier should be able to calculate your projected consumption based on your estimated wash cycles per day, and consumption per wash cycle. But even more important: if you chose a solution where pre-washing is needed you need to consider how much water, chemicals, and energy you need to pre-wash the dirty items before it goes into the ware washer. It could be thousands and thousands of liters of heated water simply flushed down the drain resulting in a huge waste of kWh.

6. Proper maintenance saves precious energy

If your ware washer is poorly maintained, it will not go on being that energy-saving piece of equipment you decided to invest in. Neglecting maintenance could lead to consequential problems and costly repairs. Sticking your head in the sand and hoping that the machine will keep going forever will surely come back to bite you. 

Solution: Even quality equipment needs proactive maintenance and to be serviced on a regular basis. Descaling dishwashers and other water-related equipment is crucial to avoid unnecessarily high energy consumption. When the heating elements get limescale, they demand more energy to heat the water, before they eventually break down and have to be replaced. An alternative is to invest in a water softener to keep limescale down.

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