Enjoy savings with the right technology and a sustainable solution

– 5 tips for your kitchen

Using the right technology and looking for sustainable solutions around the world could be salvation for your staff, the environment, and your wallet. Cho Seng LIM, Sales Director at Granuldisk, gives you his best tips on how to adopt new technology.

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"Become more agile, lean, and sustainable than ever before"

With endless hours spent in kitchens all over Asia, Cho Seng LIM has noticed how kitchens that adopted new technology have an advantage when it comes to making savings.

– We experienced a giant leap in real-time data collection, management, and cloud connectivity during the last decade. This gives companies many possibilities to adopt new technology and become more agile, lean, and sustainable than ever before, says Cho Seng Lim.

Cho Seng’s top 5 saving tips:

1.Optimise food usage with new innovations. Invest in cloud-based food waste monitoring software systems to make smarter decisions when it comes to purchasing. This will help to optimise production and reduce spoilage which is great for your wallet.

– There are smart food waste processing machines to handle leftovers and recycle them into compost to reuse in your gardens. In the event of overproduction of food, a donation program should be developed with local charities. We all need to do what we can to use resources more wisely, says Cho Seng.

2. Invest in connected water monitoring technology. Cloud-connected water leak detection systems are great, as no water is wasted. There are a lot of excellent innovations and equipment, like the No Pre-Washing concept from GRANULDISK for pots and pans, that challenges old ways of doing things and monitors your water consumption.

– This way you can keep track of your usage and challenge yourself and your team to use less water than ever before. There are systems that channel reusable water, such as water used for washing vegetables, to your gardens. A great way to use your water twice and not just flush it down the drain, says Cho Seng.

3. Save energy with smart power systems. If you want to make savings when it comes to energy, equipment that monitors electric consumption might be something for you. That way you can keep track of your usage and try different ways to lower it.

– Smart power management systems for air-conditioning and lighting could also help you with energy savings as well as the airflow management systems for ventilation. What can be measure can also be lowered. Knowledge and monitoring are key to making great savings. What you do not know you cannot change, says Cho Seng.

4. Engineering savings with smart systems. Real-time asset management software is a great tool for operations with a lot of equipment to keep track of.

– With this tool you can monitor the maintenance of all your assets to boost efficiency, asset health, and reduce downtime, says Cho Seng.

5. Invest in chemical-saving technology. Chemicals are often not good for the environment nor your staff or your wallet. There are a lot of environmentally friendly chemicals on the market and great chemical-saving technology.

– One personal favorite in this category is DIRO from our sister company SWATAB. It is basically a filter system that makes it possible to wash and clean completely without chemicals. I believe we will see more and more smart innovations like this one in the future, says Cho Seng.

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Ever since Granuldisk started in the late 1980s our biggest mission has been to help our customers to save water, energy, chemicals, while improving the work environment for the staff. Having met millions of customers in the commercial kitchen industry world-wide, week after week, year after year we’ve gathered valuable of knowledge savings in the kitchen and particularly in the pot washing area. Want to know what you could save?

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