Our top 5 best water saving tips for the kitchen and ware washing area

- let's all help save water one drop at a time

Did you know that half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas by 2025, according to WHO*?

– The importance of saving water demands from all of us to take action - on all levels. Ineffective use of water resources is neither good for the climate nor your wallet, says Patrick Soubies, Global Key Accounts Director at Granuldisk.

*Read more about the global water challenge on the web page of WHO (World Health Organisation).

Water waste in a restaurant is most often a result of the lack of good equipment or the result from bad habits. No one can do everything but we all can do something to save water daily.

Patrick Soubies - Global Key Account Director, Granuldisk
Quote Images Patrick Soubies

Top 5 best water saving tips

- according to Patrick Soubies

1. Monitor and measure your usage. The first and very important step to lower your consumption is to understand where and how much water is being used - analyze and measure when possible. Once you have this information you can make changes (like the tips below) and then measure again. If you have the possibility to monitor your consumption over time it's the best. Then you'll know right away when and if bad habits recur.

2. Don't leave taps running. It's very convenient, we know, but a huge waste of precious water just disappearing out the drain. Your number one step to make this bad habit go away is to make all staff agreeing that leaving the taps running is not ok. Also: Consider installing low-flow spray nozzles. This is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to save water. Just unscrew and screw back the new nozzle. 

3. Educate and engage staff. One of the most effective ways to make savings in the kitchen is to educate your staff. Teach them about water consumption and how to run the equipment in an eco-friendly way. A great way to engage and involve your employees is to run an environmental savings challenge/competition. Encourage and give a lot of cred to the staff that comes up with the best ideas. 

4. Update your equipment. Substantial water savings can be made with more efficient and up to date kitchen equipment. How old are your machines? Is it a couple of years since you bought them? Then you might be missing out on new water-saving features and advancements. Make some research about the latest technology.

5. Stop pre-washing your pots and pans. Are you among those who still soak, scrub and rinse your pots and pans manually in a sink? Fewer sinks = less waste of water. Eliminating the pre-washing can actually save you millions of liters of water - every year. The ROI (Return of Investment) when replacing a manual pot washing setup with a sustainable Granuldisk solution is normally between 1-2 years.


Find out how much water you could save

Ever since Granuldisk started in the late 1980s our biggest mission has been to help our customers to save water, energy, chemicals, while improving the work environment for the staff. Having met millions of customers in the commercial kitchen industry world-wide, week after week, year after year we’ve gathered valuable knowledge of savings in the kitchen, and particularly in the pot washing area.

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