Hygiene and sanitization

Unparalleled food safety and hygiene

Food safety and hygiene is the number one priority for any kitchen, and Nor:disk pan washers help you to meet and uphold the highest possible standards. Our technology neutralizes any harmful bacteria while restoring the shine and sparkle to your pots and pans.


In control of HACCP

Did you know that bacteria can survive in wash water for up to 6 hours and in temperatures ranging from -2 to +60 °C? You might see why manual washing in sinks is not the best idea. By investing in a system that makes sure that critical sanitization points are covered, you stay in control of your compliance in terms of HACCP and food safety. With the entire washing process taken care of inside the machine, you can be sure to have the same impeccable wash result every time.

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Temperature instead of chemicals

Granules or not, all Nor:disk solutions still need chemicals - but far less, as they rely on high temperatures instead of chemicals to secure hygienically safe wash results. That way, you can be sure that your kitchenware is perfectly sanitized without having to expose your staff to unnecessarily harsh chemicals, while also being kinder to the environment.

In accordance with international hygiene guidelines and recommendations

To us, food safety and hygiene is paramount, which is why we have made sure that our solutions comply with some of the most stringent international guidelines and recommendations.

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    According to NSF/ANSI 3 Commercial Warewashing Equipment there should be a certain heat load transferred from the final rinse water to the wares in every cycle, in order for the wares to be considered sanitized. The Short and Normal cycles in Granuldisk solutions comply with NSF/ANSI 3 by default. To get full compliance on all wash cycles, order your pot washer with the NSF Option to increase the rinse water volume on the ECO cycle.

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DIN 10512 / DIN 10534

    DIN stands for Deutches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardization) and is the leading European organization in its field. All program modes and lengths in Granuldisk pot washers comply with the DIN 10512 standard. Granule Smart+ complies with DIN 10534 standard.

Hygienic design

Your everyday challenges stand in focus throughout our design process, where we design our solutions to be as easy to use and maintain as possible. This is visible in both the smooth and clean lines of the product design, avoiding hard-to-clean gaps and bends where dirt and food residues risk accumulating - but also how they fit into the bigger picture, separating dirty from clean, and seamlessly blend in and contribute to the flow of your whole operation.


Reliability - the same wash result, day after day

Unlike humans, machines are not easily distracted, stressed, or likely to make bad decisions. By trusting the machine to control wash and rinse temperature, you take out the risk of human errors. You will have the same impeccable wash results day after day and can rest assured that your wash ware is sanitized.

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