Case study reveals water consumption down by nearly half with D2 Master

Linnea & Basilika, Sweden

Lately, we’ve been honored to have Linnea & Basilika onboard as a client.

Linnea & Basilika runs several restaurants all over Sweden and is in the process of updating their washrooms with the D2 Master from our Water-Smart range.

When evaluating a future solution, sustainability aspects were of great importance for the Linnea & Basilika chain, and that’s why we decided to challenge the Nor:disk solution compared to the existing setup.

When the readings came in, the team was happy to discover that water consumption was down by nearly half. As a result, Linnea & Basilika now enjoy a heavy reduction in consumption and costs related to water, energy, and chemicals compared to the previous model (similar from a prominent brand).

Happiest of all is probably Martin Pham, Establishment Manager Linnea & Basilika.

Martin Pham Square

"Our company has a little less impact on the environment"

- Keeping our footprint as small as possible is of great importance for us at Linnea & Basilika. We don’t want to use more resources than absolutely necessary when serving our food. After measuring for over 50 days, we’re now confident we made a good choice.

- It’s a win as it makes our company have a little less impact on the environment, which feels great.

Martin Pham, Establishment Manager Linnea & Basilika

How we conduct our case studies

All our case studies are made in collaboration with our clients. When we conduct a case study we install one or more water meters to measure water consumption before and after the installation of a Nor:disk ware washing solution.

Comparable data
To capture and reveal comparable data, it's important to measure comparable equipment. Single machine vs. single machine, machine and sink vs. machine and sink, or entire wash rooms, etc.

It's also crucial to let both monitoring periods run for the same number of days - ex. 50 + 50 days.

Machine, area, or entire wash room
Depending on what we want to document and what model / solution is to be compared, we place the water meter either on a single piece of equipment, an area of the wash room, or on all incoming water for the wash room.

If the purose is to compare one model to another, measuring single units makes more sense. To find out how much less water is wasted on pre-soaking or scrubbing with our no pre-washing models (i.e. our Granule range or X2 Master), measuring total consumption for the wash room provides more insight.

Documenting our findings
After completed study we always share our documented findings with our client, whom are free to use the data as they please - supporting a larger replacement strategy, showcasing green initiatives, or simply as proof that the right decision was made.

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