Kajmak Bakery, Poland

After the installation, the manhours spent washing baking trays decreased by 58%.

The main objective for Kajmak Bakery was to find a way to reduce all the long hours spent on cleaning more than 300 baking trays per day, and at the same time reduce as much as possible of the labor costs for non-revenue generating work. 

Kajmak Poland Bakery

About Kajmak Bakery

Kajmak is a well-known bakery located in Niechanowo in Poland. The bakery has been in business for about 13 years and is working 24/7. Every year the bakery has developed and the business has grown. Today you can find their products in 6 bakery shops, 3 premium delicatessen, and the products are also distributed to more than 50 grocery shops around Polen every day.

Prior to the installation

The chairman of Kajmak bakery company wanted to find a way to reduce the long hours spent on cleaning more than 300 baking trays per day, but also reduce labour costs for non-revenue generating work.

The collected data also showed immense consumption of hot water that had a severe negative effect on the bottom line.

Finally, they found the pot and pan washing solution from Granuldisk and the purchase of a large model was swiftly made. The machine was installed and trainings were made, all ready to help the bakery staff with their heavy workload.

“I did not expect that we will have such a good result after the case study. I think our machine is in perfect condition. I would risk a statement that we have the oldest running Granuldisk machine in Eastern Europe. I am sure that it will be working for many more years.“

Tomasz Kasprowicz - Owner and Chairman, Kajmak Bakery
Tomasz Kasprowicz Kajmak Bakery

Results and findings

After the Granuldisk machine was installed in Kajmak, the running costs were reduced. They
saved about 47% on detergent consumption and 32% on energy compared to the data collected before installation.

The daily water consumption decreased from 900 to 520 liters daily on average. Currently, the problem with staff retention is the most challenging, but as it was promised working
environment improved and labour costs dropped drastically. Man hours spent washing baking trays decreased by 58%.

The decision to buy the secondhand pot-washing machine was one of the best decisions ever made from the perspective of time savings.

“I am satisfied that we can work using a Granuldisk machine. Our measurements show our daily work, our company is growing every single day and that is why we need the best solution for our problems. We bought not only a dishwasher, we bought peace and high-quality service that can help us anytime.“

Jan Kasprowicz - Key account manager, Kajmak Bakery
Jan Kasprowicz Kajmak Bakery
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How it works

Guy operating machine in a tight space

Improve staff retention and work environment with Granuldisk

Ware washing technology from Granuldisk has many advantages, one being fewer hours bending over sinks soaking and scrubbing pots and pans. The job becomes less dreaded so anyone can do it with much less strain. With a better ware washing solution at hand, your staff will become healthier and stay on for longer. If you're curious about how solutions from Granuldisk could integrate and benefit your operation, contact us to organize a demo - via live stream, or in a kitchen or showroom near you.

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Find out what you would save

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