6 Ergonomic exercises for pot wash- and kitchen staff

- Minimize the risk of muscle strain and other ergonomic injuries

Standing, reaching and repetitive movements are common in the pot washing area and in the kitchen. It could lead to too much strain on the body and cause ergonomic injuries.

There are a lot of things employers and employees could do to minimize the risks, like proper breaks and supportive equipment. Exercising is also great for preventing injuries. Here are 6 exercises tailor-made for pot wash- and kitchen staff. The exercises could be done either during a break or after work. Whatever fit you the best.

Squats - Ergonomics


Kitchen staff and pot washers spend a lot of their work hours standing. Strengthen the glutes, legs, and many other muscles by doing 2 sets of squats regularly. The exercise also improves your lower body mobility.

Roll shoulders - Ergonomics

Roll shoulders with dumbbell

Working in a kitchen, or in a pot washing area, creates a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders. Use this exercise to strengthen these muscles.

Stability - Ergonomics

Dynamic stability in shoulders

This exercise will shape great, strong shoulders. But also strengthen parts of your back, biceps, and chest muscles. 

Knee to elbow - Ergonomics

Knee to elbow

Standing knee to elbow is a functional abdominal exercise for increasing strength throughout the core. It will also strengthen your calves.

Ergonomics - Archery

Archery with head movement

A strong neck and upper back will be the result of this exercise. Triceps muscles are also activated and your whole posture will receive a boost.

Balance - Ergonomics

Balance on one leg

Strengthen your core, your glutes, and the back of your thighs. Your overall balance will also be improved by performing this exercise regularly.

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Build a better ergonomic working environment with Granuldisk

Creating the best possible working environment with a focus on ergonomics will make your staff feel prioritized, happy, and looked after - and more inclined to stay with you for longer. If you're curious about how Granule Technology could integrate and benefit your pot washing operation and prevent ergonomic injuries, contact us to organize a demo - via live stream, or in a kitchen or showroom near you.

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