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More and more people are pursuing careers, parents spend more hours at work and many are experiencing that they simply "never have time". At the same time, increased awareness for health and well-being and the will to get away from bad habits and junk food increases the demand for healthy, home-cooked style meals to buy over the counter, and enjoy in the convenience of our homes.


If your supermarket has a kitchen to offer customers quality meals to take home, you know that hygiene is paramount, while efficiency and householding resources are crucial for revenue. Our solutions can secure all of these crucial factors.

Kitchen staff cooking and checking the temperature of the meat

Expanding to full-scale kitchens

Supermarkets today often incorporate not only a deli counter, but full-scale bakeries, butcheries, fisheries, and kitchens. This development comes with great opportunities, but equally great challenges as running a full-scale kitchen set high demands for hygiene and food safety.

The excellent combination of ware washing and fine washing saves us a lot of time and space, and we no longer need a person dedicated only to dishwashing.

Joco Borghol - Sales & Quality Manager, ICA Maxi, Sweden
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Girl caring pots and utensils to the ware washing

Wash all your kitchen utensils and dishes

Easily wash chicken grids, pans, oven sheets, whisks, ladles, bowls, and more in our powerful pure pot washers, or choose one of our combination pot washers to also wash your plastic and crockery ware, non-stick items, cutlery, serving dishes, and the like.

Kitchen staff taking care of the ware washing in a Granuldisk Combi

Ergonomic and easy to use

Nor:disk solutions are easy for anyone to operate and ergonomically designed as to not put unnecessary strain on the back and shoulders. We create a better work environment and make the job less hard, which in turn leads to less sick leave, happier teams, and improved staff retention.

Take a closer look at our powerful solutions

These models are popular with our supermarket and deli kitchen clients. Choose your model based on wash needs, workflow, and the space available.

Granule Smart+

Granule Smart+ is a front-loading model that fits operations ranging from 200 to 1,800 meals per day (depending on if used as all-in-one dish and pot washer (200 meals) or dedicated pot washer (180...

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Granule Smart

Granule Smart is a front-loaded granule ware washer that suits operations ranging from 500 to 1,500 meals per day. It's a high-performer for its size and fits in less than 1 sqm. Available in four ...

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Header Image 290X450 Granule Smart

Granule Flexi

Granule Flexi is a front-loaded granule ware washer that fits operations ranging between 300 and 600 meals per day and is available in two different editions. Each edition comes with carefully sele...

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X2 Master

X2 Master differs from the Nor:disk Granule range, as it operates on water only. X2 fits kitchens preparing up to 250 meals per serving and will wash all your dirty dishes from prep, cook, and serv...

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