Marine galleys

Professional dishwashers for cruise ships

Catering in marine and offshore operations

It’s essential for ship kitchens and kitchens on offshore facilities to operate in the safest, most sustainable, and hygienic way possible – making the most of available space. In these isolated environments cleanliness and efficiency are essential, and Nor:disk technology guarantees you the cleanliness you need, at speed.

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Fit for life at sea

The special conditions in an offshore operation put stringent demands on both hygiene and food safety, and the equipment used. Everything must be safe to use, efficient and smart in resource consumption, and also capable of functioning regardless of the current state of the ocean: be it a gentle sway, or a roller-coaster ride.

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Making the most of the space available

Space on board is limited and the challenge lies in making the most of the space available to ensure that chefs and servers can navigate the kitchen and walkways most efficiently, practically, and safely. With Nor:disk ware washing solutions you concentrate the process of ware washing to fit in as little as 1 m2 and can cut back on bulky sinks.

A lot of pots and utensils needs to be washed

Wash every kitchen utensil

Easily wash chicken grids, pans, oven sheets, whisks, ladles, bowls, and more in our powerful pure pot washers, or choose one of our combination pot washers to also wash your plastic and crockery ware, non-stick items, cutlery, serving dishes, and the like.

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Ergonomic and easy to use

Nor:disk solutions are easy for anyone to operate and ergonomically designed as to not put unnecessary strain on the back and shoulders. We create a better work environment and make the job less hard, which in turn leads to less sick leave, happier teams, and improved staff retention.

Take a closer look at our powerful solutions

These models can be ordered with Marine Option to enable reliable operation in marine and offshore operations. Choose either model depending on your workflow and the space available.

Granule Maxi

Granule Maxi is a front-loaded granule ware washer that suits operations ranging from 400 up to 3000 meals per day, and is available in three different editions: Compact, Flow, and FreeFlow. Each e...

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Granule Smart

Granule Smart is a front-loaded granule ware washer that suits operations ranging from 400 to 1,500 meals per day. It's a high-performer for its size and fits in less than 1 sqm. Available in four ...

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Header Image 290X450 Granule Smart

Granule Smart+

Granule Smart+ is a front-loading model that fits operations ranging from 400 to 1,500 meals per day. Efficiently combines the award-winning efficient Granule Technology with regular dishwashing te...

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Header Image 290X450 Granule Smart Plus
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