PowerGranules BIO 10L

Art. no 26602

Partly biobased and made with natural minerals - the biodegradable and more sustainable choice.


For optimal performance, top wash results and durable machines

PowerGranules BIO makes a great solution even better! They are partly biobased and made from three main ingredients: calcium salt, rapeseed oil, and a combination of biodegradable polyesters. Enjoy the same amazing wash results, but in a more sustainable way! PowerGranules BIO is in full compliance with the EU requirements for use in contact with food, and harmless in case of ingestion.

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Hands Soil 840X840

Proven degradability in soil

The particles generated when using PowerGranules BIO in granule ware washing machines from Nordisk Clean Solutions AB have successfully been tested according to ISO 17556:2019 - biodegradability of plastics in soil and reached 94% degradation in 24 months.

Hence particles created when using PowerGranules BIO are not considered microplastics according to EU regulation 2023/2055.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Edit 840X840


As there at present is no way to separate regular plastic from biodegradable plastic at waste facilities, PowerGranuels BIO is to be recycled as combustible waste.

The packaging is made from 40% recycled regular plastic and can be recycled as plastic waste.


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How do I get started with PowerGranules BIO? Why can't I put them in my compost or organic waste? Do they last as long as the original PowerGranules?

Answers to this and much more can be found in our FAQ. And if you have a question that's not in there, we're happy to answer that too. Check out our FAQ below, or reach us anytime at sustainability@nordiskclean.com. 

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