Villa Francis, Singapore

Granuldisk solution at Villa Francis reduced water consumption by 45%

Villa Francis Home for the Aged was set up to provide inpatient nursing care for the destitute poor and sick, regardless of race or religion.


Villa Francis emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude towards life in spite of aging and illness and staying physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually engaged.


This is a home that centers around the individual and that values human dignity. Their mission is to provide holistic care through love, kindness, and understanding. There are 240 residents and 120 care and support givers at Villa Francis.

The situation before

Manual washing in sinks and in a hood-type dishwasher - daily water consumption of 1,893 litres.

Villa Francis serves 700 meals each day. In the kitchen, the pots and pans were pre-washed manually in sinks, and dishes were washed in a dishwasher.

The utensils would soak before they could be scrubbed clean. This was time-consuming and created a lot of waste in water and chemicals.

With increasing costs of resources in Singapore and shortage of labour, Villa Francis considered if the No Pre-Washing Concept from Granuldisk could address these challenges.

The water consumption in the two wash areas (pot and dishwashing) was measured prior to installing a Granule Combi - a combination dish and pot washer from Granuldisk - to establish a baseline for the comparison.


The situation after

Washing in a Granule Combi, running an average of 56 wash cycles/day and water consumption is down to 1,037 litres a day. A 45% water-saving for the pot and dishwashing process.

Today Villa Francis run their new Granule Combi about 56 times per day, and to almost half the previous amount of water, time, and energy. Needless to say, the savings are substantial.

Now, less staff are needed in the washing up area and tough prewashing in sinks is a thing of the past. Without the need for soaking and scrubbing, one of the kitchen staff is free to handle other tasks instead. Before, the manual pre-washing routine in sinks would require around 8 hours, but can today easily be solved in 3.3 hours, with completely sanitised wash ware as a result.


* Consumption calculated from water consumption

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