The Felix Project

Food waste is a challenge in our modern society. Ironically enough, so is hunger.

Wasting perfectly good food is an increasingly common phenomenon in the UK, where almost 3 million tons of edible surplus food are wasted every year. All the while more than 1.5 million adults and over 400.000 children are lacking access to meals.

The Felix Project was born with the goal of rescuing food and providing it to the less fortunate. Since 2016, 537 suppliers have collaborated with the Felix Project by donating food that fail to sell in supermarkets and restaurants. The food provided is sorted by volunteers, cooked by a skilled kitchen team, and then delivered to a number of schools and charities.

To help cope with the washing up and sanitization of kitchen utensils after preparing up to 4000 meals on a weekly basis, the project invested in two Granule Smart+ ware washers.

We applaud this noble mission and all the volunteers that help keep this project going. 260.000 Londoners are being helped every day thanks to the Felix Project, and we are delighted and excited to be part of their continued journey. To show our support Granuldisk has chosen to sponsor the cause by supplying a steady stream of free PowerGranules.

Well done, team Felix Project!

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Interview with Leon, The Felix Project

Listen to what Leon, Head of Felix´s Kitchen, has to say about his daily work to support Londoners in food poverty and and his experience with Granuldisk products.

Following the installation of their two machines, I have had the pleasure of supporting Leon and his team. It's wonderful to feel the positivity of the 50 volunteers who work hard six days a week to produce 4000 meals a day and help those in food poverty. The Felix Project should be applauded for all the hard work they do, very humbling. Thank you for caring.

Keith Broadway - Country Sales Manager UK
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