Improve the profitability of your kitchen

5 tips to enhance the profitability of your kitchen

Caring about the ware washing area may not be the first thought that pop up in your head but paying attention to it will enable you to reduce your operating costs in the long-term.

Below we have gathered five tips with focus on the ware washing area:

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1. Replace the tap with a mixer faucet and use up to 40 % less water

Prewashing kitchen equipment with a hand shower wastes huge amounts of water. By combining the hand shower with a mixer faucet that also regulates the water flow, 40 percent of the water can be saved. You will save money, while having a positive long-term impact on the environment.

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2. Replace manual or fixed detergent dosing with dosing sensors

If used in huge volume, detergents can add to several costs kitchen owners have to cover. Inserting a detergent dosing sensor in the wash tank can control the amount of detergent used and cut its consumption by up to 40 percent. As detergents are not entirely biodegradable, a detergent sensor can also help limit the spread of detergents´heavy metals into water supplies and help their conservation. So adding a dosing sensor is not only good for your wallet but also for the environment.

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3. Investing in the right equipment can help you limit your costs in the long-term

Prewashing your kitchen utensils requires a lot of energy and time. With that also a huge volumes of chemicals. But by choosing more cleaver equipment, several benefits can be gained. Prewashing can be avoided and the time you save can be invested in other tasks within the kitchen area. Moreover, up to 470 liters of detergent can be saved every year. If you are thinking about switching to an eco-friendlier solution, our machines are made exactly for you!

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4. Reassess your washing routines and calculate your costs

Prewashing your utensils requires your employees to spend several hours in front of the sink. By avoiding this step, we calculated you could save up to 9.600 euros per year. Now, think about how much money you could save in 5 or 10 years. With that, imagine the  positive impact that you could have on the environment, and the health of your employees. Still think prewashing is something worth wile? The choice is yours, but it cannot be considered the cheapest option.  

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5. Make your ware washing area a safe place to work

The ware washing area is associated with several risks, such as slippery floors, heavy lifting, and repetitive movements. Making sure that these hazards are limited through smarter ware washing equipment can have a positive effect on employees´work and creates a safe working environment. With that, if a reassessment of the kitchen is conducted, the high cost related to injuries and sick leaves will be limited.


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