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Articles - May 25, 2023

Granuldisk in strategic alliance with Silanos

Granuldisk, a global leader in pot washing and granule technology, has entered an alliance with Italian Silanos, a market-leading dishwasher manufacturer in Europe. The coalition is a strategic investment by Granuldisk's owner, Swedish investment company Sandberg Development, with the goal of developing and offering complete solutions for the customers' all possible ware washing needs. 

Since 2019, Granuldisk and Silanos have collaborated on innovative technology and development, where three products are already launched and marketed under the Granuldisk brand. The experience and successes are the foundation for establishing a European technology partnership where the parties build on both individual and combined strengths to develop new and unique dishwashing solutions for tomorrow's needs.

"The collaboration is based on an exciting dynamic where both parties contribute and drive the development. We are convinced the result will be a broader and stronger product portfolio for a larger customer group. With the alliance we are strengthening our offer as a comprehensive supplier for the complete ware washing area", says Mikael Samuelsson, CEO at Granuldisk.


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Complete solutions for all customer needs

The strategic alliance between Granuldisk and Silanos will mean a focus on the development of a complete portfolio of premium products and comprehensive solutions for the ware washing area by combining the individual companies' strengths: 

Silano's high-tech robotic production and manufacturing excellence, logistics, and customer knowledge.
Granuldisk's technology and design capabilities, management, growth strategy, and advanced digitization.

"I see Sandberg Development's investment as the start of a clear shift in the industry and look forward to further deepening and developing the synergies between Silanos and Granuldisk", says Marco Silanos, CEO of Silanos and the second-generation owner.

Sandberg Development is a Swedish family-owned investment company that contributes to growth and social value through active ownership in innovation-driven companies. Water technology is one of the group's three focus areas with investments in companies such as Swatab, Rescue Intellitech, and Orbital Systems, and now Sandberg Development is entering with a 25 percent ownership stake in Italian Silanos.

"We are pleased to be expanding our partnership with our established industrial partner Silanos. Through this investment, we will be able to expand our offer to the dishwasher market and provide more efficient and sustainable solutions – a key factor when there is a water supply shortage", says Stefan Persson, President and CEO at Sandberg Development.

For more info, feel free to contact:

Mikael Samuelsson
CEO at Granuldisk
+46 705 22 03 57

Marco Silanos
CEO at Silanos
+39 029291161

About Granuldisk
Since 1987, Granuldisk has been providing the best in pot washing technology to commercial kitchens all over the world. The patented Granule technology cleans kitchenware faster using less resources like water, chemicals, and energy. The solutions will constantly evolve to meet modern needs. Always with hygiene, sustainability, and innovation in mind with the end goal to exceed your expectations.

About Silanos
Silanos was founded in 1964 and quickly established a position as a market leader in Europe within the professional dishwasher industry. Nearly 60 years later, the company is still growing thanks to its experience and ability to renew itself. Silanos manufactures more than 30,000 dishwashers and dishwashing accessories annually and offers a broad product range, including everything from compact glass dishwashers to the most powerful dishwashers for airlines capable of washing 9,000 plates per hour. Production takes place exclusively in Pioltello in the Province of Milan in Italy.

About Sandberg Development
Sandberg Development is a family-owned investment company that contributes to growth and social value through active ownership of innovation-driven companies – focusing on water technology, quality of life and security. Sandberg Development’s holdings comprise the subsidiaries Aimpoint, GAIM, Granuldisk, RESCUE Intellitech, and SWATAB, as well as a minority ownership of Drupps, Clean Oil Technology (publ), Orbital and ISEC Monitoring Systems as well as the listed company Camurus. Sales for the Group in 2022 amounted to SEK 1.7 billion. For more information, visit:


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