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Articles - April 14, 2023

Product Launch - D1 & D2

New solutions from Granuldisk to mitigate staff retention and support sustainability demands.

Easy, sustainable, and efficient. These are the keywords for D1 and D2, two brand-new dishwashers launched by Granuldisk in April 2023.

"The commercial kitchen industry is faced with staff retention, rising inflation, and sustainability requirements. With our new products and solutions in the Lean Wash Center range, we want to support both existing and new customers to turn the challenges of today into tomorrow’s opportunities," says Mattias Johansson, Chief Commercial Officer at Granuldisk.

Granuldisk is a company with a mission to strip away all unnecessary use of resources and manual steps that are normally needed for commercial dishwashing. D1, an under-counter solution, and D2, a hood-type dishwasher, are the new additions to the water-based product line called Lean Wash Center. The first product in the range, X2, was released in 2021 and now it is time to launch two more solutions. All products in the family are easy to use and efficient, and support any commercial kitchen striving to become more sustainable.

"The new Lean Wash Center platform secures a low usage of water, from 1.3 L per cycle, and low usage of kWh, from 0.09 kWh per cycle. They are compatible with 500 x 500 mm standard racks and are incredibly silent, from 56 d(B)A," says Mattias Johansson.

Lower consumption – Lower cost
All machines in the Live Wash Center range have a patented sequential rinse system that decreases water and chemical consumption by 50%. Which in turn helps save energy and reduces the operating costs to a minimum - all while supporting the user’s sustainability goals. With the full Lean Wash Center range in the wash area soaking and scrubbing can also be kept to a minimum creating a better work environment and helping mitigate staff retention.
"Our users will get more done in less time and put less man hours washing dirty dishes," says Mattias Johansson.

D1 D2 Image and Text

Features and details

D1, the under-counter solution, is perfect for customers serving around 100 meals and D2, the hood-type solution, suits customers serving around 70-250 meals. All Master models are future-ready with a built-in Wi-Fi feature that allows you to connect any device to collect, edit, and monitor information such as HACCP data, consumption of chemicals, and much more.

Some other features and options worth mentioning are kick’n wash (no more pressing unnecessary buttons), automatic energy save mode, and EcoExchanger (recovers the heat energy). The new range delivers fast wash cycles and top wash results which comply with the DIN 10534 Hygiene norm.

D1 and X2 at Bistro Gustavsberg in Stockholm
Andreas Stenberg, owner of Bistro Gustavsberg in Stockholm, who has been testing, using, and evaluating the X2 and the D1 for more than a year has this to say about the new range:
"The combination of D1 and X2 is perfect for restaurants like ours, which is a large restaurant during the summer and middle-sized during the rest of the year. We can scale the washing up and down depending on the season. We basically have 3 machines in 2 since the setup works as both a glass washer, dishwasher, and pot washer. The system is reliable, and robust and washes the dishes sparkling clean. I can highly recommend the Lean Wash Center to other restaurants."

Happy customers both today and tomorrow
As the world and the commercial kitchen industry are constantly evolving it is important for Granuldisk to keep changing too. "We want to continue delivering leading dish- and pot washing technology to the industry that makes a real difference daily. We want our customers to be able to concentrate on the things that brought them to the industry in the first place: to cook and serve delicious food," says Mattias Johansson.

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An innovative range designed to be easy to use and deliver efficient wash result, while consuming a minimum of natural resources. Great for you, and better choice for our planet.

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D1 Master Transparent Ready 290 450


An innovative range designed to be easy to use and deliver efficient wash results, while consuming a minimum of natural resources. Great for you, and a better choice for our planet.

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D2 Master Shadow Ready 290 450