PowerGranules BIO® material proven degradable in soil

according to tests conducted by RISE

Since the launch of PowerGranules BIO in 2020, Nordisk Clean Solutions, or Nor:disk for short (formerly Granuldisk) have been frequently queried by customers about the material and its degradability. Despite positive test results, certificates, and attestations shared from our partners, a desire to understand how the material breaks down when used in conjunction with the commercial warewashers based on Granule Technology™ remained.

Nor:disk therefore decided to have RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) conduct third-party tests in accordance with ISO 17556:2019 - biodegradability of plastics in soil.

Test Results

The tests have been conducted in RISE laboratories over a two-year period. The final report, which was recently presented, pleasingly showed that the material in PowerGranules BIO achieved an approved result. To get approved, the material must reach a degradation level of at least 90% according to EU regulation 2023/2055. The particles from PowerGranules BIO reached a level of 94% and are thus approved with a good margin.

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"First granule in the industry with proven degradability"

- We are incredibly proud and pleased with the result. PowerGranules BIO is the first granule in the industry with proven degradability. It marks a significant advancement in the field of granule dishwashers. Our efforts to further develop and enhance our granules continue, alongside our work with the Granule Technology machines where we aim to simplify handling for the users.

Mikael Samuelsson, CEO Nordisk Clean Solutions

What does this mean for users of PowerGranules BIO?

Revised recommendations for storage and durability

The biodegradability is positive from an environmental standpoint, but also leads to a shorter usage time compared to the original PowerGranules (which are made of POM plastic). Therefore, Nor:disk has chosen to lower the recommended replacement frequency from 2500 cycles to 1600 cycles.

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Extending shelf life to 2 years

- Internal testing and experience have also shown that PowerGranules BIO has a longer shelf life in terms of storage in an unopened package than we first expected. So in this case we have instead decided to extend our recommendations from 1 to 2 years.

Åsa Håkansson, Sustainability Manager Nordisk Clean Solutions


Visit our PowerGranules BIO FAQ

For more questions and answers about PowerGranules BIO, please see our FAQ.

PowerGranules BIO FAQ

How are PowerGranules BIO used?

In our granule commercial dishwashers, PowerGranules BIO, high-pressure water, and a small amount of detergent are mixed for an effective mechanical scrubbing effect. In addition, the washing result is hygienically secured with high rinse temperatures.
Moreover PowerGranules BIO requires 87% less water in the manufacturing process and has a 25% lower carbon footprint than the original PowerGranules.

About Nordisk Clean Solutions AB

Since 1987, Nor:disk has provided the best in commercial kitchen warewashing technology worldwide. Our patented Granule Technology™ cleans wash ware faster and with fewer resources such as water, detergent, and energy. Since 2022, we also offer a new innovative range of water-only dishwashers - Water-Smart Technology™- which is designed to be easy to use while still delivering a hygienic and sparkling clean wash result, with the same focus on minimal consumption of valuable resources.

Our washing solutions are constantly being developed to meet the needs of tomorrow - always with a focus on hygiene, sustainability, and innovation. This is what we call Pure Performance.