Granuldisk is now Nordisk Clean Solutions

- and will offer a wider product range for the complete ware washing area.

A broadened ware washing range where granule technology is no longer the only offer is the main factor as to why Granuldisk is now changing name to Nordisk Clean Solutions.

“We continuously strive to improve, refine, and develop our solutions and way of working, and the name change is a natural next step for us as a company”, says Mikael Samuelsson, CEO at Nordisk Clean Solutions.

Since the start in 1987, the Granuldisk brand and company has been associated with the best in granule pot washing worldwide. The patented technology has enabled faster cleaning of pots and pans with less manpower, water, detergent, and energy for kitchens all over the world.

“We are proud of our efficient granule solutions and will continue to offer them, but now as a Granuldisk range under the Nordisk brand. In addition, we will also offer high-performing water-based products, as well as a wide range of services including subscription models. As always with high performance, ergonomics, and sustainability in focus”, says Mikael Samuelsson.

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Nordic origin and values

The new company name, Nordisk Clean Solutions, is a play with words. Nordisk, Swedish for Nordic, was chosen both with the long history of Granuldisk in mind, but also to signal the Nordic heritage and values such as innovation, sustainability, healthy environment, and quality.

“Our company vision is to save our planet, one drop at a time, by providing the highest performing and most sustainable ware washing solution for commercial kitchens. We look forward to continuing this work, but now as Nordisk Clean Solutions”, says Mikael Samuelsson.

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An alliance with Italian Silanos

In May 2023, a coalition with Silanos - a leading ware washing manufacturer in Europe - was announced. The alliance is a strategic investment by Nordisk's owner, Swedish investment company Sandberg Development, and a crucial part of developing and offering complete solutions for all possible ware washing needs.

“We have collaborated with Silanos on innovative technology and development since 2019, where three water-based products have already been launched. Our companies’ individual and combined strengths will continuously be used to develop new and unique water-based dishwashing solutions for tomorrow's needs”, says Mikael Samuelsson.

New product structure for Nordisk Clean Solutions AB

The Granuldisk Range
Granule Maxi
Granule Flexi
Granule Smart / Smart+
Granule Gastro / Combi

The Nor:disk range
X2 Master
D1 Master / Base
D2 Master / Base

Nor:disk Services
Save Per Use

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For more info, feel free to contact:

Mikael Samuelsson
CEO, Nordisk Clean Solutions
+46 705 22 03 57

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