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8 Must-Know Commercial Dishwasher Advantages

Are you in charge of a commercial kitchen? If so, you are obligated to guarantee safe food for your customers.

If there is an outbreak and it could be traced back to your restaurant you are obligated by law to demonstrate that you have a safe hygienic process when handling, preparing, and serving food. At least in the European Union, and many additional countries.

A modern commercial dishwashers will guarantee safe results, boost efficiency, and save valuable time and money. 

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Key points:

Commercial dishwashers offer numerous advantages. Here are some key points:


1. You save valuable time

Regardless of the size of your establishment, washing dishes by hand demands a lot of time and effort. Especially if you want to ensure your tableware is not only spotless, but safe too.

A residential dishwasher will free staff up from doing the dishes, but a commercial model will also clean and dry a full load in a matter of minutes. The majority of residential dishwashers require more than an hour to complete a cycle.

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2. Consistently superior cleaning results

Commercial dishwashers are specifically designed to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. Powerful jets, high temperatures, and specialized detergents work together to remove gravy, grease, and food residuals, leaving every dish, pot, and piece of cutlery sparkling clean and sanitized.

Achieving this level of cleanliness and consistency by hand is simply not possible, which makes it an unsafe washing method for your customers. Like we said in the beginning: If there is an outbreak and it could be traced back to your restaurant, YOU are obligated by law to demonstrate that you have a safe hygienic process when handling, preparing, and serving food. At least in the EU, and many other countries.   

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3. An investment that’ll cut costs in the long run

The initial cost of a commercial dishwasher may be a barrier for some business owners, especially when starting out. But making the right investments can make the difference between success and failure. The obvious benefit of a commercial dishwasher is the long-term savings in terms of time and labour.

Utilizing your staff front of house tending to your guests, instead of having them stuck back of house - doing a job a machine could do much more effectively - keeps expenses down and your business booming. Aside from reduced labour costs, most commercial dishwashers are consumption-wise optimized, meaning your running costs for water and electricity will be kept to a minimum.

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4. You won’t have to buy a new dishwasher in many, many years

Commercial dishwashers are built to last. With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality appliance can withstand numerous rigorous cycles, day in, day out, for many years. Their durability and reliability ensure peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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5. Reduces your climate impact

Finding ways to save energy and minimize waste is essential in our day and age - particularly within the hospitality sector. Modern commercial dishwashers and pot washers can help tackle the issue as they minimize the significant volumes of water - which is quickly becoming our perhaps most precious resource - used when washing pots and pans by hand, which is still common in many parts of the world.

Commercial dishwashers manage water, energy, and chemical consumption effectively. And their added advantage of durability further promotes sustainability in commercial kitchens.

Could a commercial dishwasher from Nor:disk be an option for you?

Our efficient Granuldisk technology takes care of the entire pot and pan washing process inside the machine and eliminates manual steps like soaking and scrubbing for even burnt pots and pans. You will get more done in less time with hourly capacities ranging up to 176 GN 1/1. Leave your details below and we will contact you shortly to discuss.

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6. You won't have to worry about cross contamination

Food hygiene is paramount in the world of food service. Failing to adhere to the rules and regulations can result in the loss of your business - especially in a society where online reviews and social media carries such weight. Preparing and cooking food properly is crucial to stay on the safe side - but equally so is cleaning and sanitizing all utensils.

Cross-contamination can result in food-borne illnesses, which can happen if pots, pans, or tableware are not washed and dried properly.

Dishwashers minimize those risks. Commercial dishwasher temperature guidelines are used to eradicate almost all pathogens, preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. That is if you choose a piece of quality equipment that follows relevant hygienic industry standards (like DIN and ANSI/NSF).

7. You’ll get a dishwasher tailored to your needs

Commercial dishwashers come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit every possible establishment. Whether you are running a cozy café or a busy hotel, you will easily find a piece of equipment to fit your kitchen.

Under-counter washers save space and make a great option for compact kitchens, while rack or conveyer models are perfect for heavy use. Or perhaps you need something more specific, like a glasswasher for delicate tableware.

And figuring out how to choose a commercial dishwasher doesn't end with the size or type, they also come with varying features that can be tailored to your requirements, such as racks, shelves and settings that can accommodate different cycles depending on what you need washing.

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8. Improved work environment for your staff

Last but not least, a commercial dishwasher improves your overall kitchen organization. It removes clutter, helps you maintain clean and clear surfaces, optimizes the flow of dishes and clean wares, and organizes the space in a way that gives your staff the safe and pleasant working environment they deserve.

Learning how to use a commercial dishwasher is easy too, meaning everyone can use it and focus on other tasks.

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Contact us for more information

If you value your business, your staff, and your customers, then a commercial dishwasher makes perfect sense. This worthwhile must for your kitchen will save you time and money, keep your cookware and tableware spotless and safe, and reduce your impact on the environment.

If you need any more information, check out some of our other articles, or get in touch for advice for your business. We're happy to assist!

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FAQ summary

What are the advantages of a commercial dishwasher?
A commercial dishwasher organizes your kitchen more efficiently, saves time and money, keeps your dishes clean and sanitized, and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

What are the disadvantages of a commercial dishwasher?
A high-quality commercial dishwasher isn't cheap, although the initial investment will be recovered with money saved in the long run on labour, time, and energy.

Are commercial dishwashers better than domestic ones?
Commercial dishwashers are much faster and more economical than domestic alternatives, guaranteeing speed and safety, and better at handling large and steady volumes of dirty dishes.

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