Reversible tables for X2 and D2

Right or left side doesn't matter - decide on site

We offer tables designed to be used with the hood-type models of our Water-Smart range. Correct height and width of the tables makes for an ergonomically good work station. The surface guides provide a secure path and easy sliding of wash baskets.

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Perfect fit with X2 and D2

The reversible tables are perfectly aligned with the working height of X2 and D2 hood machines, and the sliding zone is adapted to facilitate easy use of both the cookware and dishware wash baskets.


Inlet, outlet, and bridge tables

The inlet and outlet tables come in two sizes - with or without a sink/basin and hand shower. The smart bridge table connects two hood-type models. which creates a flexible and high-capacity banqueting setup.

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The smart design concept makes it possible to change your workstation at any time. You can easily change the position of inlet and outlet tables, change from corner installation to straight set up, and even easily extend with more tables as your business grows or changes.

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Smart use of space

Use the space underneath the tables for storage of baskets when not in use, or fit additional equipment, such as a water softener or an undercounter dishwasher.

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Inlet tables

Inlet tables with a choice of short or long table:
• Short: W 760 x D 750 x H 860 (+65) mm
• Long: W 1920 x D 750 x H 860 (+65) mm

Inlet tables are equipped with:
• Sink (500x400x300 mm) including a removable waste collector seive
• Rear splashguard, 250 mm high
• Integrated water-saving hand shower
• Lower shelf is included with the long table.

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Outlet tables

Outlet tables with a choice of short or long table:
• Short: W 760 x D 660 x H 860 (+65) mm
• Long: W 1390 x D 660 x H 860 (+65) mm

The long table has a lower shelf included.

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Bridge table

To create adaptable capacity for banqueting operations use the Bridge table to connect two machines.
Size: W 760 x D 660 mm.

During big events, you can wash up to 936 dinner plates and 468 serving trays per hour, by connecting two X2 or D2 Masters with the innovative bridge table. This creates a high productivity pass-through solution, matching the capacity of a tunnel dishwasher.

During low periods or slow days, you use only one of your X2/D2 ware washers and save water, energy, and money.

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Reversible at any time!

• Install along a wall or in a corner
• The direction of the flow can be decided on site
• Change your mind and rearrange at any time!

Why freestanding handshower?

With a freestanding hand shower and mixer that is installed in the rear splash guard, you can avoid wall brackets which is helpful if you wish to avoid making holes in the walls, or if you want to place your X2/D2 in an open space.

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Easy to order

Long inlet table - with sink, backsplash, pre-rinse shower and shelf - Art. no. 31046
(W 1920 x D 750 x H 860 (+65) mm)
Short inlet table - with sink, backsplash and a pre-rinse shower - Art. no. 31047
(W 760 x D 750 x H 860 (+65) mm)

Long outlet table - with lower shelf - Art. no. 31048
(W 1390 x D 660 x H 860 (+65) mm)
Short outlet table - Art. no. 31049
(W 760 x D 660 x H 860 (+65) mm)

Bridge table to connect two hood machines - Art. no. 31050
(W 760 x D 660 mm)

All tables are delivered with 1 pc table end-stop to be mounted in order to prevent baskets from sliding off the table.