Granule range

Water range




Trolley for wash basket

Art no. 24637

Maximises flexibility and flow and enables an ergonomic way of working.

Header Image 290X450 Kin Softner 20197


Art No. 20197

A high-performance, compact commercial water softener. Ideal for applications where space is limited. Durable, compact cabinet design.

Ecoexchanger Template Header Image 290X450


The add-on EcoExchanger cleverly combines steam reduction and heat recovery in one and improves the working environment while also reducing the energy needed for heating the wash tank.

EcoExchanger is an externally factory-fitted unit for Granule Maxi, Granule Flexi, Granule Smart, and Granule Smart+. For X2 Master, and D2 Master, EcoExchanger is an integrated factory-fitted option, built into the hood.


Insert for trays, grids, lids, etc.

Art. no 19992

To be placed inside the standard wash basket. Holds 2 GN 2/1 or 6 baking trays 600x400 mm up to 20 mm edge and 2 GN 1/1 sized trays, up to 16 grids, up to 8 chopping boards, and GN 1/1 lids.


Insert for baking sheets

Art. no 13744

Insert for up to 8 pcs. 600 x 400 mm trays, max 20 mm edge.


GD Link

Interface for energy optimization

GD Link enables connecting and controlling the machine through a central energy optimization unit, which helps to avoid any production disruptions in individual devices as the shutdown periods are computer-controlled and automatically reduced to a minimum. It also eliminates the instantaneous energy peaks that can happen when multiple types of equipment run simultaneously.


Net basket with lid

Art No. 21477

Wire basket with lid, for washing of smaller utensils such as whisks, ladles, etc.


Standard wash basket for pots and pans

Art No. 26426

Equipped with small hooks, which enables small containers to be loaded directly into the basket. Capacity: 6 GN 1/1 65 mm.


Wash basket with bottom grid

Art No. 26140

Wash everything from the Gastronorm range, as well as other kitchen utensils. The bottom grid prevents smaller items handles and smaller items from slipping through the bottom of the basket.


Pot basket

Art No. 21423

Holds up to 2 large pots. Used instead of Standard wash basket in the machine.


Cover grid

Art. no 13796

Cover grid for 500 x 500 mm wash basket. Prevents light items from being flushed out of the basket during a wash cycle.


Multiflex holder

Art No. 20554

To be placed in the standard wash basket. Capacity for 3-5 saucepans, small bowls, sieves etc. 


Bowls and pots holder w. integrated ladle holder

Art No. 13756

Acts as support for smaller saucepans, bowls, and sieves with an integrated holder for ladles, whisks, etc. To be placed inside the standard pot wash baskets.


Lid and tray holder

Art No. 10950

To be placed in the bottom of the multicassette. Lid and tray holder for up to 9 lids or trays at a time. 


Flexible pot holder

Art No. 25188

Rubber band with 2 hooks. Use  to secure pots, bowls, or saucepans firmly to the sides of the standard pot wash basket. Join one or more bands together to create larger hoops as needed.


Insert for lids and trays (GN size)

Art No. 6001147

Sliding insert for lids and trays.


Insert for large trays (non-GN)

Art No. 13736

Insert for large trays, up to 600 x 400 mm, max. 20 mm edge.


Accessory storage rack

Art No. 6001159

For storing of inserts and accessories when not in use. Hangs on side of the machine. Use with Granule Smart, Smart+ and Granule Flexi.



Scraper for prescraping of containers and pots.


PowerGranules BIO 10L

Art. no 26602

Partly biobased and made with natural minerals - the biodegradable and more sustainable choice.

Header Image 290X450 PG 10L

PowerGranules Original 10L

Art. no 22633

PowerGranules Original is the first patented brand of Granules from Granuldisk, optimized to be used in Granuldisk pot washers for a sparkling clean result and a healthier machine. Available in 10 and 20 liter canisters.

Header Image 290X450 PG 20L

PowerGranules Original 20L

Art. no 22634

PowerGranules Original is the first patented brand of Granules from Nor:disk, optimized to be used in Granuldisk pot washers for a sparkling clean result and a healthier machine. Available in 10 and 20 liter canisters.

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