Tung Lok Catering and BellyGood, Singapore

Tung Lok Group is striving towards sustainable growth in the communities they operate in. They decided to participate in a Nor:disk case study to see if they were reducing their environmental impact in the ware washing area.

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About Tung Lok Group

Tung Lok Group is one of the largest Chinese restaurant chains in Singapore. The Group has grown over more than 30 years and now owns, manages, and franchises more than 40 restaurants in Asia. BellyGood is a caterer service company founded by Tung Lok.

Prior to the installation

Manual pre-washing in sinks, and rinsing in a conveyor dishwasher. Tung Lok consumed on average 3,971 liters of water on a daily basis.

Tung Lok Group is working actively to achieve sustainability throughout its operation. From sustainable sourcing to biodegradable wares and plant-based alternatives.

- Being one of the leaders in the Food and Beverage Industry, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are role models for other brands within the field, says Vincent Phang, CEO at Tung Lok Group.

When they came across the Granuldisk ware washing solutions from Nor:disk and heard about all the sustainability benefits they didn’t hesitate to invest.

Prior to the installation, a case study was agreed to be done, and the water consumption in the wash area was measured before and after the Granule Smart was installed.

Nor:disk’s high-performing granule cleaning solutions have significantly reduced downtime by 50% spent on washing, which allows us to focus on preparing delicious dishes for our happy customers.

Nixon Low - Executive Chef, Tung Lok Group, Event & Catering Division
Chef Nixon

Results and findings

One member of the previously dedicated ware washing team can now perform other duties. Water consumption is down to only 879 liters a day.

The result from the installation showed substantial savings in both water and chemicals, but also in work hours spent on ware washing.

- Nor:disk’s high-performing cleaning solutions have significantly reduced downtime by 50% spent on washing, which allows us to focus on preparing delicious dishes, says Nixon Low, Executive Chef at Tung Lok Group, and continues: Our team takes great pride in providing people with high-quality meals daily. To maximize our operational efficiency, we demand our kitchen to be a clean and safe place to work.

The group keeps looking for sustainable solutions and is the first customer in Singapore who has started using PowerGranules BIO - biodegradable granules from Nor:disk - for ware washing.

* Consumption calculated from water consumption

With the granules from Nor:disk being biodegradable, we are brought closer to our sustainability goals. The solution is also giving us a significant reduction in our water usage.

Vincent Phang - Chief Executive Officer, Tung Lok Group, Event & Catering Division
Vincent Phang
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How it works

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Let Nor:disk contribute to your goals

Ware washing technology from Nor:disk has many advantages, but the one we are most proud of is the sustainable effect it has on our planet. We as a company put a lot of effort and resources into lessening our own impact, and hopefully, you are doing the same. When buying one of our solutions you reduce your footprint and contribute in many ways according to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals - you are one step closer to achieving your environmental goals.

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