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Granule Maxi Pro offers increased productivity at ready-meals entrepreneurs Maten é Klar

"A granule pot washer was always an obvious choice for us. It paid for itself in the first year" says Fredrik Andersson, CEO and production leader at Maten é Klar in Lund, Sweden about their choice of ware washing solution.

Recently, Maten é Klar upgraded to Maxi Pro and now enjoy 50% increased productivity per wash cycle. 

"The new cassette already almost paid for itself, too".

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Real food, made by real chefs - 100% natural ingredients

Maten é Klar was born out of a wish to transform the ready-meals industry and what's available in stores today for something better, by offering healthy, real food, made from 100% natural and Swedish ingredients and cooked from scratch by actual chefs.

Fredrik Andersson, CEO and production leader, founded the company together with well-known and beloved celebrity chef, Tareq Taylor, and other stakeholders who shared their vision.

At the production site in central Lund, they cook between 2,500 - 3,000 meals daily. When setting up the kitchen an efficient ware washing solution was key, and the choice fell on a Granule Maxi from Nor:disk.

Recently they upgraded to a Pro cassette and increased productivity per cycle with more than 50%.

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"Veronica is very happy with it"

Veronica Nykvist, dedicated pot washer at Maten é Klar, is very happy with her work companion, Granule Maxi Pro.

"She finds it much easier than any of her previous work places, where they didn't have a granule machine. which didn't have this machine. She is very happy with it, and the fact that it doesn't require a lot of physical strength" explains Fredrik Andersson.

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Fredrik Andersson: "The machine paid for itself already in the first year"

Watch the video to learn more about Maten é Klar, and how Granule Maxi and the Pro upgrade eases life for the pot washing staff


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