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Granuldisk solution at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre led to 80% water saving

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel, located near the international airport, has been around for more than 40 years and has transformed well with time. Still widely considered today in the UAE as a premier hotel destination for business professionals, tourists, and those who are looking for a variety of exquisite fine dining experiences.

Granuldisk has proven to be one of the most innovative solutions in pot washing. From a macro perspective, the hotel can generate tons of savings both short and long term while also fostering a healthy and safer working environment.

Mr. Butch Lim - Director of Engineering, Le Meridien, Dubai
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Hygiene is our number one priority and it's essential to apply the right system to help us consistently improve. With Granuldisk our utensils cleaned and efficiently sanitized thanks to the machine’s high temperatures - exactly what we need.

Mr. Vinod Muraleedharan - Back of House Manager, Le Meridien, Dubai
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The situation before

Manual pot washing done in sinks and daily consumption of 8,051 litres of water.

The hotel had been evaluating options to upgrade from their existing 3-sink system that involves pre-washing, a time and resource-consuming method. Adding to that is the usual day-to-day task of keeping wet floors mopped dry and clean.

Dubai, located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, is a place where water stress levels are high due to increasing population and industrialization. Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre knew that water conservation have to be prioritized. Having looked at all viable options in the market they decided to try the No Pre-Washing concept from Granuldisk. The hotel's engineering team led by Mr. Butch Lim recorded water usage for 30 days through installed water meters. The solution from Granuldisk was then installed and measured for another month. The stewarding staff was told not to use the 3-sinks during the trial, for comparison.


The situation after

Washing in a Granule Smart, running on average 80 wash cycles/day and using only 1,607 litres of water a day - an 80% water-saving in the pot wash process.

The main kitchen has an average daily traffic of 600 pots and pans. With that in mind, the stewarding staff went through a one-day training with Ms. Joyce Mattmann from GRANULDISK. The new solution proved to be beneficial right from the get-go. The dirty to clean lead time for pots and pans were 50 percent faster compared to the manual method, avoiding the dreaded build-up clutter. The floors were also noticeably drier while water consumption was down by 80 percent.

The solution from GRANULDISK delivered on its promise, which pleased the team at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. 


* Consumption calculated from water consumption


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