Hermann liefert, Austria

Granuldisk solution at Herman liefert, Adnet in Austria helps in furthering sustainable business goals

Where can you get a really good lunch? Fresh, and of course taste really good! If you're in or around Salzburg, Austria - look no further! Hermann liefert was founded back in 2013, sprung from a lack of a vegetarian or vegan delivery service in Austria.

An idea started to crystallize in the mind of founder and owner, Mrs. Caroline Gerstlohner who after ploughing through countless cookbooks, developing own ideas, and fine-tuning she felt she had something.

Only the best, and with a low environmental impact

With the goal to deliver only the best and keep a low environmental impact, Hermann places great effort in finding local, organic suppliers and pack and deliver their green, healthy meals in bio-degradable and fully recyclable packaging. After abandoning the sinks and the water-based dishwasher in favor of a Granuldisk solution, they can now proudly state to be even more sustainable, thanks to a lean and sustainable ware washing area.

The previous machine, an under-counter model, was a poor investment because of its low capacity. The staff had to bend down to load and unload the machine, and it didn‘t really fulfil its function of washing, since it can only be used for rinsing the dirty dishes!

Mrs. Caroline Gerstlohner - Owner, Hermann liefert, Austria
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The situation before

Manual pre-rinsing and soaking in a sink, followed by washing in a standard under-counter
water pot washer without Granules - duration 3 hours a day.

Catering company Hermann liefert was washing dirty dishes - GN container 1/1, ½ and associated lids, pans, pots, and saucers - but also numerous chopping boards, by pre-washing in a basin measuring 500x300 mm using a wire scourer, own degreaser, and high doses of pre-rinse detergent.

After pre-washing, the items were then washed again in a water-based under-counter dishwasher, and then manually dried with a tea towel.

We always had to soak everything and prewash it - and if we couldn‘t get the burnt-on food off - we used a strong pre-rinse agent, a degreaser. Cleaning dirty dishes was a massive and time-consuming problem!

Mrs. Caroline Gerstlohner - Owner, Hermann liefert, Austria
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The situation after

20 wash cycles daily with Granule Flexi from Granuldisk - duration down to one hour a day.

Thanks to the solution from Granuldisk, pre-washing is no longer required, reducing the washing time to 1 hour daily. 3 hours were required for the same work previously. Since the staff considers the Granule Flexi from Granuldisk very user-friendly and uncomplicated, the kitchen staff wash the baking trays, pots, and pans themselves, not having to bother the kitchen porter.

This means saving a part-time member of the staff.

Due to the easy loading of the Granule Flexi the wash cycles are now only 20 per day.

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Active commitment towards achieving economic and environmental sustainability

- Dishwashing is always a huge issue in a company because no-one really wants to do this hard job; thanks to Granuldisk, this is no longer necessary! Now it is only necessary to bend to drain off water.

Caroline Gerstlohner, Owner, Hermann liefert

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Looking forward to a bright future

Hermann liefert increased their daily food production from 250 to 800 meals per day in just six months. It is very clear to the company that the purchase of a solution from Granuldisk was incredibly important to quickly and efficiently clean the huge increase in dirty dishes. The savings in terms of water, energy, chemicals
and working time has now led to a significant reduction in operating costs, and the organization is looking forward to a bright future.


* Consumption calculated from water consumption


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