Gundel Restaurant, Budapest

Granuldisk solution at Gundel Restaurant reduced water consumption by 81%

Gundel Restaurant is a well-known restaurant that opened the doors 125 years ago at the heart of Budapest. Their rich culinary heritage has earned an international reputation and is one of the nation’s pride in gastronomy. A premium destination where you find traditional dishes and elegant Hungarian cuisine.

Gundel is managed and operated by Danubius Hospitality Group, which brought Hungary its own local chain of hotels.

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Mr. Balázs Kovács, CEO, Danubius Hotel chain:

- There is a vast improvement in our restaurant operations and the feedback from the staff has been positive. Granuldisk’s unique features enabled us to generate income on a daily basis since it reduces our operational expenses. It’s a worthy investment. By promoting sustainability, it saves us money by reducing spending and waste. It helps our environment. And it also gives us a public relations advantage over competing operations that don’t care about efforts to be “green”.

- I saw the results from the trial machine at exclusive Gundel Restaurant (owned by Danubius) and I realized the saving we could make in terms of both workforce and water/energy consumption. Not to mention hygiene, and the amount of time that can be saved daily. The machines from Granuldisk are working quick as lightning and uses a minimum amount of chemicals, and the sight of the spotless dishes is rather convincing. The statistical figures from the trial machine really flabbergasted Danubius Executives.

The situation before

Manual washing in sinks - daily water consumption of 3,679 litres.

The CEO at Danubius Group, Mr Balázs Kovács, thirst for innovation led him to discover Granule Technology™ from Granuldisk. Right after seeing the product brief, he saw an opportunity to reduce water waste while improving their operations.


Before 1

Manual washing in sinks

Before the trial, Danubius was performing manual pot washing in a 3-bowl sink that caused a typical pot wash scenery: a constant flow of water running, a built-up clutter of utensils, and the soaking and scrubbing of pots and pans. This lead to slippery wet floors which was considered a safety risk for the staff.

The trial was started and the group’s Technical Director Mr. Máté Végh oversaw the trial operations in cooperation with Coninvest, partner of Granuldisk. The goal was to confirm and evaluate the efficiency of the new solution towards their old washing method. Flowmeters were installed and Mr. Végh checked them daily.

The situation after

Washing in a Granule Flexi, and water consumption is down to 700 litres a day - an 81% water-saving.

In September 2018, a Granule Flexi was installed in Gundel’s pot washing area that handled pots and pans from the restaurant‘s 1 000 hot meals per day. The team from Coninvest, and a Granuldisk representative from Sweden, held a weeklong training for the pot washing porters who quickly learned how to charge and discharge the machine efficiently. The daily hot water consumption dropped drastically from 3,679 to 700 liters.

The solution from Granuldisk performed according to the plan and reduced water, energy, and chemical consumption drastically. Leading to a decision from Danubius Group to purchase and install 20 machines in their various hotels during 2019.


"Using our water supply wisely"

- We have saved an enormous amount of water, which means that we’re using our water supply wisely and that we’re being responsible. The 3-bowl sink can take a back seat after 100 plus years of usage. With Granuldisk, our staff can accomplish a lot in less time. It’s a great tool to have in our kitchen, says Mr. Máté Végh, Restaurants Technical Director at Gundel.

* Consumption calculated from water consumption


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