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Granuldisk solution from Nor:disk at Grand Hyatt Singapore led to 66% water saving

Hyatt sees themselves as guests of this planet, and are committed to doing their part to take care of it. They have a long-term strategic approach to environmental sustainability and have established a 2020 Vision that focuses their efforts on the most important areas of impact and opportunity. Their approach is built on three focus areas – Use Resources Thoughtfully, Build Smart, and Innovate and Inspire – that touch the Hyatt properties, colleagues, and communities around the world.


Hyatt has a total of 12 installations from Nor:disk across Asia, including the Grand Hyatt Singapore: Grand Hyatt Jakarta (2), Grand Hyatt Hong Kong (1), Grand Hyatt Seoul (2), Grand Hyatt Jeju (12), Park Hyatt Shenzhen (7), Park Hyatt Maldives (4), Park Hyatt Suzhou (2), Hyatt Regency Nha Trang (4), Hyatt Regency Zhuhai (2), Andaz Xiamen (1) and Andaz Shenzhen (1).

My chefs love it! Utensils are clean and dry, ready to use immediately. Granuldisk improves our efficiency and reduces our environmental footprint.

Lucas GLANVILLE - Director of Culinary Operations, Grand Hyatt Singapore
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Granuldisk from Nor:disk meets our HACCP requirements while improving working conditions and saving time with no pre-washing. We are delighted with Nor:disk, and we are looking forward to more machines in our kitchens!

Vijay SIVARAJAH - Manager-Stewarding, Grand Hyatt Singapore
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The situation before

Soaking and manual pot washing in sinks and daily consumption of 2 185 litres of water.

The hotel restaurant was washing their pots and pans in a 3-sink system, letting utensils soak for hours before they could be scrubbed clean. This was time-consuming and creating a lot of waste in water and chemicals. With increasing costs of resources in Singapore and shortage of labour, Grand Hyatt Singapore considered if the No Pre-Washing Concept from Granuldisk could address these challenges.

The water consumption was measured before the pot and pan washer from Granuldisk was installed in order to have a baseline for the comparison.


The situation after

Washing in a Granule Smart, running on average 26 wash cycles/day and using only 741 litres of water a day - a 66% water-saving in the pot wash process.

With an average of 150 pans and pots in the banquet kitchen, the stewards quickly took to using the Granule Smart pot and pan washer.

With the new concept, water consumption was only 741 litres of water daily for pot washing. This is roughly 34% of what the water consumption was before. The trial also proved that substantial time savings can be made by investing in a Granuldisk solution. Savings of 80% were made or 1,352 hours yearly.

Plus additional benefits that wares are circulated back to chefs much quicker which is crucial during peak cooking periods. Last but not least, the wash result is impeccable.


The future

After a month-long test of the Granule Smart, Grand Hyatt Singapore was convinced of the savings and benefits of Granuldisk. With several restaurants under the same roof, there are more opportunities to make further savings for the hotel.

* Consumption calculated from water consumption


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