Fazer Amica, Sweden

Granuldisk solution at Fazer Amica, Kävlinge, Sweden helps in furthering sustainable business goals

Fazer’s environmental goal - “Good for the environment”

Under this slogan Fazer, in close partnership with both suppliers and customers, actively works to achieve the publicly stated environmental goals to reduce their impact on climate change.

The new and environmentally friendly pot washers from Granuldisk help Fazer a step closer to the goal by cutting water and chemical consumption by half and staff spend 2 hours less in the pot wash every day.

Before we tried Granuldisk from Nor:disk, I never thought savings would be so good. We've seen excellent results in terms of chemicals, water, and energy consumption, in addition to the number of hours spent washing. It benefits us, and the environment.

Håkan Björk - Production Manager, Fazer Amica, Sweden
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The situation before

Washing pots, pans, and utensils in a tunnel dishwasher and a granule pot washer of another make. Annual water consumption of 2,493,361 liters.

At Fazer Amica in Kävlinge, Håkan Björk, Production Manager, wanted a better solution in the pot washing area. He was of the opinion that the staff spent too much time washing - time, that would be much better
spent on income-generating activities, such as preparing and packing the 4,000 portions they make on average every day. What’s more, he was unhappy with the washing results.

The staff had to wash the pans several times on long programs, and often the dishes had to be pre-soaked.

- Still, it was simply not clean enough, states Håkan.

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The trial

Granuldisk took on the challenge and offered a free trial. Prior to the trial, Fazer had been using a tunnel machine for pot wash and dishwashing, as well as a granule pot washer of another make.

The trial stretched for 120 days in total, measuring water consumption before and after the installation of a Granule Maxi pot washer, and a combination pot and dishwasher - Granule Combi.

The situation after

Perfectly sanitised pans, a 54.5% water-saving, improved ergonomics, and 2 hours less time spent in the pot wash every day.

- When Granuldisk offered us the trial period I never thought there could be such savings in terms of chemicals, water and time spent doing the dishes that we have achieved. We are of course very satisfied and have now invested in both a Granule Combi and a Granule Maxi, says Håkan.

Production manager Janina Rubbi agrees and adds:

- The washing result has never been as good, and the solution is ergonomically better for the staff. We have completely stopped presoaking, and spend significantly less time washing pans.

Kitchen assistant Patricia Lucia Horváth, is happy she no longer has pain in her hands:

Our previous solution was not as effective and we left the dishes overnight. Food scraps dried up and we hurt our hands scraping them off. Our new machines are far better and now we manage to wash everything before we go home.

Patricia Lucia Horváth - Kitchen Assistant, Fazer Amica, Sweden
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* Consumption calculated from water consumption


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