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X2 Lean Wash Center

New dual wash solution will be a game changer for smaller kitchens

Prep, cook and serve - and no more fuss with dirty dishes. The dual wash power in new X2 Lean Wash Center revolutionizes the operation and flow of smaller kitchens. It handles both serveware and cookware. The best part: it does so with a minimum of pre-washing and scrubbing required, thanks to the efficient, high-pressure pump kicking in when washing pots and pans.

X2 Lean Wash Center truly gives perfectly clean and sanitized wash results so that focus can be on what the restaurant business is all about: cooking and serving delicious, nutritious food. The new X2 is recommended for kitchens serving between 240 meals per serving.

Granuldisk has been ware washing experts for 34 years, mainly working with solving larger kitchens’ ware washing needs. We’ve seen a big gap and we’ve known for a long time that smaller kitchens have been lacking a solution that handles both serveware as well as dirty cookware like pots and pans. We’re very excited to finally be able to present a great, versatile, and efficient solution also for this customer group, says Mattias Johansson, Chief Commercial Officer at Nor:disk.

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X2 Lean Wash Center

See how the dual wash power in the new X2 Lean Wash Center revolutionizes the operation and flow of smaller kitchens.

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Say goodbye to huge piles of dirty pots and pans

The days with dirty pots and pans impeding a good flow in the kitchen will be over. Due to less pre-washing, there will be no more taps running all day long which saves water, energy, labor as well as chemicals.

Our customers will waste less, cut costs, and become more profitable. X2 Lean Wash Center is easy and ergonomic to use and compatible with standard equipment, like baskets and tables, so you can use your existing setup. It makes up for its name – it’s a lean wash center. Simply plug and play and let the X2 do the rest, says Mattias Johansson.

Automatic basket detection and wash mode selection make sure the dishwasher selects the right wash program, one out of four efficient cycles ranging from 1 to 6 minutes. The panel with 4 icons makes it easy to choose the right program and eliminates any languages barriers. X2 is future-proof and Industry 4.0 ready, which means it supports a development towards a connected kitchen.

– We believe X2 will be a big player in our portfolio, and we look forward to filling more gaps in the market with our products in the future. We will continue to aim for making sustainable solutions, with minimum impact on our planet, making life easier for kitchens all over the world, says Mattias Johansson.

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Developed in cooperation with end customers and service companies

The X2 has been developed in tight communication with end-users as well as service and detergent companies. All to create a solution that is efficient and easy to use but also to serve and install.

The new X2 is a true game-changer in the market. It gives you washing results superior to all comparable commercial dishwashers in the market today. Our tests show that it gives you clean and sanitized wash results twice as fast as all other compared alternatives. This without using more water. Instead, we utilize the water more wisely inside the machine. This is the first solution that can truly help customers in this segment with washing dirty pots and pans which they are used to soak and scrub, says Staffan Stegmark, Chief Technical Officer at Granuldisk.

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Live wash with X2 Lean Wash Center


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