New premises in Aix Les Milles.

Granuldisk France is building new premises in Aix Les Milles.

France is and has always been one of the most important markets for Granuldisk, and to better meet the challenges ahead, the French team will be moving into a newly built facility.

Being closer to Marseille - the second largest city in France - will offer a better platform for our expansion. It will allow us to be more agile, and also offer better access to environmentally friendlier travel options. Our new premises will have a state-of-the-art showroom, from which we can run training and demos of all the solutions in our portfolio. It will also give us more space for storage, which will speed up deliveries even further.

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This opens up for new opportunities

The move and expansion also mean new job opportunities, so keep a lookout at our career page to join the squad of planet savers” says Laurent Desbordes, Commercial Director French Regions.

Step by step

One step at a time our new building is getting ready. This is the latest update and a picture of the growth of our new office. The building is planned to be ready to move into during the beginning of March 2022.

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