Ergonomic by design

Healthier, happier staff

Improved staff retention, less sick-leave

Our technology exists to make work-life easier while also making your kitchen cleaner and greener.

Nor:disk ware washing solutions are designed to seamlessly blend in with your operation and provide optimal efficiency while creating a better environment, within and outside of your operation.

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Eliminates repetitive tasks and heavy lifting

With pre-washing out of the picture, there is no longer any need to spend hours bending over sinks soaking and scrubbing pots and pans. This means less repetitive tasks and less heavy lifting - both well-known to put a strain on the human body, and risk leading to work-related injuries and long-term sick-leave.

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A safer work environment

Our goal is to ensure that all the steps of the washing process are taken care of inside the machine, to protect staff from handling scalding hot water and dealing with harsh chemicals. With smart add-on options such as steam reduction or EcoExchanger, you also keep the humidity in the ware washing area in check.

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Ergonomic by design

Our solutions and accessories have all been designed with the end-user in focus, and to allow for an upright working position at all times. The handles on doors and hatches are grip-friendly and balanced, so that anyone can use them regardless of size and individual strength. Operator panels are always placed in the average eye level and have large, clear buttons, and use simple infographics and icons to ease the operating of the machines.

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Improved staff retention

Tired of constantly looking for staff? Recruiting for the pot washing area is seldom an easy task, as the work usually is dreary and hardly anyone's favorite. Keeping staff can be equally challenging, but investing in a better pot washing solution makes the job less dreaded so that anyone could do it with much less strain. This opens up for rotation of the staff to offer your team more varied tasks in the kitchen.