Carefree washroom with Nor:disk

Our goal for every washroom is to create a smooth, efficient and hassle-free operation

With a Save Per Use subscription, you get meticulous supervision of your dishwashing area, but also a tailored solution that minimizes unexpected downtimes and potential hidden costs.

We also ensure that you receive excellent support if anything goes wrong - allowing you to focus on your customers and your core business.

Note! Save Per Use is currently available to our Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and UK customers and will be launched in additional markets shortly.

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Increased operational reliability

We minimize unexpected downtime so you can fully focus on your core business.

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Always in control of your costs!

Avoid unexpected expenses such as maintenance and repair costs. Pay a fixed monthly fee - we'll take care of the rest!

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Avoid large investments

With a Save Per Use subscription, you get a complete dishwashing solution from Nor:disk without the need for investment.

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Clean dishes with minimal effort

Top quality & first-class dishwashing results with minimal time and money investment. We promise nothing less than our motto: Pure Performance!

Pricelist GBP or Euro

Download the price list to learn more. We will contact you shortly to follow up on any questions. (Please note that prices are in GPB and are valid for the UK market. For Finland and Denmark please use the EUR pricelist in the dropdown menu below. For Swedish pricelist, please visit the Swedish website. For other markets, please consult your Nordisk representative.)

By downloading this document you give Nordisk permission to collect and store your personal information and allow Nordisk to make additional contact. You can withdraw your approval at any time by contacting Nordisk in accordance with the text on Data Protection.

From 4,4 € per day! you get:

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