Pro cassette

Art No. 29361

Sliding cassette that loads up to 12 GN 1/1 or 6 GN 2/1 pans. Medium and large pots are loaded directly in the bottom of the cassette, facing the sides.

Procassette Loop 840X840

Same size - increased capacity

Discover the new and improved Pro cassette with 50% increased capacity.

For washing of 12 GN 1/1 containers up to 65 mm or 8 GN 1/1 up to 200 mm. 6 GN 2/1 up to 65 mm or 4 GN 2/1 200 mm. 12 GN 1/2 up to 200 mm with 2 dividers (19313) or 4 GN 1/2 up to 200 mm without any divider.

(Included in all Granule Maxi Pro Editions.)

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Upgrade to the Pro cassette

You can easily upgrade your existing Granule Maxi to the new Pro cassette. Use with Granule Maxi Pro Flow and FreeFlow (Compact Edition features single, fixed cassette).