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Cookware basket for X2 Master

Art No. 28147

Patented stainless steel cookware basket with 500x500 mm base, specially developed for X2 Master.

Capacity to load pots up to Ø 450 x H 380 mm or sub-sized, 1 GN 1/1 depth 200 mm or sub-sized, or 2 GN 1/1 depth 65 mm.

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Reversible tables for X2 and D2

Right or left side doesn't matter - decide on site

We offer tables designed to be used with the hood-type models of our Water-Smart range. Correct height and width of the tables makes for an ergonomically good work station. The surface guides provide a secure path and easy sliding of wash baskets.

X2 Glassbucket Blue Small Web

Glassware wash rack

Art No. 28149

Standard size, 500 x 500 mm base.

Capacity 25 mugs Ø 90 mm or 25 glasses Ø 90 mm.

X2 Platebucket Beige Small Web

Dishware wash rack

Art No. 28148

Standard size, 500 x 500 mm base.

Capacity 18 dinner plates or 12 soup plates, max. Ø 240 mm.

Reversible Empty 290 450

High productivity wash basket

Art No. 28575

Specially designed stainless steel wash basket with 500x500 mm base.

This lids and trays wash basket is a high-productivity choice. It can load any flat item such as lids, grids, or cutting boards up to 400x600 mm in size.

Use it in both cookware and dishware wash modes for the X2 model, by turning it 180º to initiate the different wash modes.

Dishware wash mode capacity: 9 x GN 1/1, 18 x GN 1/2 serving trays max. depth 20 mm. Cookware wash mode capacity: 18 x GN 1/1 grids, 9 x GN 1/1 lids or chopping board depth 20 mm, 2 x 600/400/20 mm pastry trays or chopping boards.



Art No. 28145

A water softener conditions the water for your Lean Wash Center and helps prevent overconsumption of electricity, loss of performance, and in the worst case break downs due to scaling of heating elements.

Available for X2, D2 and D1

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The add-on EcoExchanger cleverly combines steam reduction and heat recovery in one and improves the working environment while also reducing the energy needed for heating the wash tank.

EcoExchanger is an externally factory-fitted unit for Granule Maxi, Granule Flexi, Granule Smart, and Granule Smart+. For X2 Master, and D2 Master, EcoExchanger is an integrated factory-fitted option, built into the hood.


Cover grid

Art. no 13796

Cover grid for 500 x 500 mm wash basket. Prevents light items from being flushed out of the basket during a wash cycle.



Scraper for prescraping of containers and pots.


Steam hood for D2 and X2 hood type dishwashers

Art.No. 31120

A stainless steel steam hood that is connected via a tube to the ventilation system of the kitchen. Steam from the wash cycle will not be emitted to the room at the end of each program. This improves the working environment significantly.

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