Leighton Park School, UK

Granuldisk solution at Leighton Park School led to 80% water savings.

"My life has changed," said Alessandro Albanese, Chef Location Manager, at Leighton Park School, when asked about their new solution from Nor:disk.

"I will recommend this machine to every single kitchen, and every single restaurant in this country". 

Wanted better wash results
Alessandro Albanese, at Leighton Park School, wasn't happy with the washing results of the pots and pans and he also had a problem with retraining staff in the pot washing area. So he started looking for a solution and found Nor:disk. "My dishware is now clean, sanitized, and dry and the machine never calls in sick."

Leighton Park School is a boarding school for 120 people and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The total number of students is 520 and there are 135-150 staff members. 

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Alessandro Albanese: "My life has changed."

Watch the video to learn more about the amazing results in the pot washing area at Leighton Park School.


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